Launching Linguist Translate 6.0.0: A new browser add-on for seamless translation

Published new major version Linguist Translate, a privacy-focused browser add-on for full-featured translation from one language to another. The add-on also includes a dictionary with bookmarks and extensive configuration options such as adding your own translation modules. Supported as a translation organization on a local system using engines Bergamot, LibreTranslator, TartuNLP And LingvaTranslatoras well as connecting external services such as Google Translate, Yandex Translate, Bing Translate, DeepL and ChatGPT. Code distributed by under the BSD license. Supports work in browsers based on the Chromium engine, Firefox Firefox for Android.

In the new version, the add-on has been moved to the third version of the Chrome manifest (Manifest V3) in the build for browsers based on the Chromium engine, but remains on Manifest V2 for Firefox, due to the unimplemented “offscreen” API and “sandbox” API for the third version of the manifest in Firefox. Due to the transition to Manifest V3 in Chrome, the add-on stopped working for users on Windows 7, with Chrome version 109 and below, since these versions of Chrome do not implement the `offscreen` API.


Due to the nature of the Chrome Add-on Store, which cannot list supported browser versions for each add-on version, users of Chrome version 109 and below can no longer use the old version of the add-on after automatically updating to the new version. Users experiencing this issue can install version 5.0.17 in developer mode.

The transition to Manifest V3 was made due to pressure from Chrome, which plans start disabling add-ons with Manifest V2 in July 2024.

Other changes in the new version:

  • Custom translation modules now run in an isolated context, without access to the Extension API, which improves security and allows the use of translation modules that are not fully trusted, since custom code now only has access to an empty sandbox document and can make requests to any domains through a proxy using the postMessage API.
  • Added option to disable recording of translation history.
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Also, today took place release Linguist Translate on ProductHunt, a project aggregator with transparent ratings.


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