Latest YouTube feature lets paying users get closer

Paying for YouTube Premium has a number of advantages. The largest and most important of these is probably the freedom from advertising. I’ve been paying for membership for a few years now and I’m always shocked when I see an ad in front of you on another computer YouTube-Video get put in front. Add to that things like the ability to download videos to enjoy offline or lock the screen on playback.

However, premium subscribers still have an added value compared to non-paying YouTube users: the opportunity to try out experimental features before they either disappear again or are even rolled out across the board. One of them was the PiP feature for iOS users, which I recently professionally got excited about here on the blog.

“Pull apart and pinch to zoom”

Which functions of this kind are currently available is shown on listed. Here you can also activate or deactivate the functions directly. Recently and currently the only one available Pinch to zoomwhich is the option to pinch two fingers apart on the screen to enlarge the display.

This previously had a limited effect, which was to scale the video to the size of the smartphone screen, leaving no black bars. Long gone are the days when smartphone displays, like most videos, also had an aspect ratio of 16:9. After zooming in, you can of course still move around in the video itself in order to be able to view other parts enlarged.

For now, let the function are only available until September 1st, but it has also happened in the past that the test phase has been extended. Depending on user feedback and frequency of use, pinch-to-zoom could be made permanent – but it’s unclear if the feature will then be unlocked for non-premium users as well.

Have you missed pinch-to-zoom and are you paying for YouTube Premium?

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