Last Epoch – Acolyte Leveling Guide, Occultist

Are you looking for a complete guide capable of evolving alone or in a group for leveling the Acolyte, Occultist when Last Epoch is released? Capable of controlling spirits and raining chaos, the Acolyte, Occultist is a must-have of the genre. Discover our guide presenting the best passive talents and spells to favor to easily build the Acolyte, Occultist on Last Epoch.

Update : As of February 21. This guide was written following our feedback from early access, taking into account the latest patch notes from the official forum. We want to keep this article up to date in order to offer you the best configuration to build your character.


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Occultist, a good class for leveling on Last Epoch?

As of the release of Last Epoch, the Occultist is a good class for leveling.

Capable of inflicting heavy damage with cool and easy-to-learn gameplay, this class has everything to please. However, you will need to monitor your mana consumption.

From then on, the Occultist will be a good class for leveling on Last Epoch.


Occultist Passives

The choice of passives is extremely important because it considerably increases the power of your character in addition to unlocking certain crucial spells for your leveling.


The Acolyte passive tree.


The Occult passive tree.


Capable of using chaos and spirits, the Occultist has numerous spells at his disposal to bring death to reign.

Here are the spells that we recommend for leveling the Occultist:


This is your filler. You don't really need to use this spell. However, in single target you can use it if you have no more mana.

Spiritual scourge


To be used after Chthonic fissure
in combat.

Chaos Lightning


Has spam when you have used your Chthonic fissure
and the Spiritual scourge.

Chthonic fissure


This spell should be used first when you engage in single-target or multi-target combat.

Bone Curse


Do not use this spell manually when you have unlocked the node.Chaos Lightning. This does it automatically.


The most important thing in your equipment will be your weapon. This is the heart of your gearing as you level up.

On equipment, it is important to optimize your equipment in order to provide more DPS and have better survivability. Therefore, statistics such as bleeding damage and penetration will, for example, be very beneficial for your character. Levels for the spells you use will of course perform well too.


Idols that provide you with bleeding chances are powerful. As with curses.