Last Epoch – Acolyte Leveling Guide, Lich

Are you looking for a complete guide capable of evolving alone or in a group for leveling the Acolyte, Lich when Last Epoch is released? Disease and decay are the powers of this class, the Acolyte, Lich is a must-have of the genre. Discover our guide presenting the best passive talents and spells to favor to easily build the Acolyte, Lich on Last Epoch.

Update : As of February 21. This guide was written following our feedback from early access, taking into account the latest patch notes from the official forum. We want to keep this article up to date in order to offer you the best configuration to build your character.


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Lich, a good class for leveling on Last Epoch?

As of the release of Last Epoch, the Lich is a good class for leveling.

A true mistress of death capable of manipulating disease and decay, this class boasts powerful DPS. However, it will be necessary to combat the slowness of movement which will sometimes be disabling.

From then on, the Lich will be a good class for leveling on Last Epoch.


Lich Passives

The choice of passives is extremely important because it considerably increases the power of your character in addition to unlocking certain crucial spells for your leveling.


The Acolyte passive tree.


The passive Lich tree.


The Occult passive tree.


When you level up, you will need to respecialize a spell. Otherwise, it is mainly via Spiritual scourge
And Wandering spirits that the Lich comes to draw its damage.

Here are the spells that we recommend for leveling the Lich:


We use this spell while waiting to be able to use Spiritual scourge.

Wandering spirits


This spell deals AOE damage.

Spiritual scourge


This spell replaces Blood extraction
when available.

Deadly Sealing


This spell should be used as soon as it is available.

Reaper shape


This spell should be used as soon as it is available.

Aura of Decay


This spell is used to inflict poison damage on enemies.


The most important thing in your equipment will be your weapon. This is the heart of your gearing as you level up.

On equipment, it is important to optimize your equipment in order to provide more DPS and have better survivability. Therefore, stats such as poison damage, damage over time and casting speed will, for example, be very beneficial for your character. Levels for the spells you use will of course perform well too.


Idols that increase your poison damage are powerful. Which increases damage over time and damage when you change form too.