Kymco, the electric scooter arrives that costs less than a bike and can contain more batteries than Tesla

The world of the electric, both two and four wheels, is constantly evolving. Now a truly surprising model in some details is ready to land on the market and surprise you.

The world of electricity continues to involve millions of companies around the world. Not only car companies, but two-wheeled companies have also been working on the motor technology of the future for some time. Also applies to the Kymco, a Chinese manufacturer that for some years has become part of the motorcycle market by focusing heavily on electric mobility.

Kymco Like 125 (Web source)

The Taywan-based company, however, did not think only and exclusively of the customers of its mother country, but also of European ones. And it proves it with its latest model, the electric scooter Like 125 EV, the twin of the more popular Like vehicle series, with zero emissions that was recently made by the company in question: let’s discover all its secrets, from batteries to price.

Kymco Like 125: contradictory name, features and price surprise

The Kymco Like 125, to begin with, is contradictory. Or rather, the abbreviation ‘125’ is, given that this model is not at all that powerful and is therefore more comparable with significantly less performing vehicles on the market.

The electric motor it has reaches a power of 3.2 kW, just over 4 Hp. It therefore does not have an engine that makes you dream, while surprising from other points of view. The same limited engine, in fact, is perfect for traveling through city traffic.

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Two batteries that feed the power, both Ionex, introduced by Kymco itself some time ago ad EICMA. It is a device designed to be changed quickly through certain stations, but which can still be recharged at home by extracting it very easily.

Kymco Like 125
Kymco Like 125 (Web source)

The scooter offers two different batteries, both with 650 Wh of capacity, which is not much. In any case, even with the batteries removed, the scooter can continue to operate thanks to an internal accumulator characterized by an additional 550 Wh which in borderline situations it is really a very useful move.

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In any case, the Like 125 can have up to five batteries inside and reach a maximum range of 200 kilometers. Also noteworthy is the digital display that includes turn by turn GPS navigation, the speed indicator, remaining charge and the power used during the trip.

In the glove compartment you will also find a USB socket to recharge your devices. You can also reverse, even if it is “only” light, for particular maneuvers such as, for example, parking.

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And the price? It is not yet clear, but this vehicle it should cost around € 1,000 / 1,200. An advantageous figure to say the least, therefore, for a vehicle that is not perfect but still full of resources and in its segment to which it belongs really valid.

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