Ksenia Razuvaeva and the winners of Rosmolodezh.Grants opened the second season of the competition: Society: Russia: Lenta.ru

Rosmolodezh launched the second season of the Rosmolodezh.Grants grant competition

The Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh) launched the second season of the Rosmolodezh.Grants grant competition on August 5. Potential participants will attend face-to-face and online events in all regions of the Russian Federation. Here they will find out what opportunities the participation in the grant competition from Rosmolodezh gives them, which will last until August 22.

Head of Rosmolodezh Ksenia Razuvaeva met with successful grant holders at a gala event in an interactive format on 5 August. Acquaintance with outstanding grant recipients from various regions of the Russian Federation took place at the summer site of Rosmolodezh.

At the meeting, Ksenia Razuvaeva announced the start of “Rosmolodezh.Grants Season 2”. The participants of the event in the “game” format of the quiz-quiz presented the author’s socially significant projects, which they had already managed to implement with grant funds. Grantees spoke about the effectiveness of their ideas and voiced proposals for further cooperation with Rosmolodezh.

Before getting acquainted with the projects, the guests of the event tried to independently predict their topic, target audience and geography based on three images encrypted in emoji. Participants were randomly divided into two teams by drawing one of the colored ribbons. The head of Rosmolodezh, Ksenia Razuvaeva, and the curator of the Rosmolodezh.Grants service, Ekaterina Bogomaz, also joined the teams.

The invited authors of successful grant projects were Lyubov Rumyantseva, Marat Gatsalov, Denis Osintsev, Yegor Lazarev, Yegor Khripkov, Maxim Pavlov and Sofia Timofeeva, Yuri Nikolenko, Daria Vosmukhina and Adel Prokshina. Their projects included: “RETTkoe reading” (adapted books for children with speech disorders and master classes for parents on their joint reading), “Media-Alania” (a project on the illumination of cultural and historical natural monuments using FPV visualization and aerial photography at 360), educational intensive “Media Compas” for the development of student associations in the field of media literacy, SMM, photo and video filming, editing and graphic design, sound engineering and mass media, as well as the Festival of Science, Culture and Sports “DSTU Picnic”, “Cultural Codes of Russia: Creative Industries for Interethnic Interaction”, Puppet Theater Studio “Tales from the Chest”, “Sketch Travel around the City of Volgograd”, Young Donor Course “LEUKOSA.NET”, Online Quest “Ecogeneration” (a project on eco-literacy and eco-volunteering among children and youth), as well as the Immersive Historical Laboratory “Memory of Generations” (a sociocultural project to preserve historical memory and foster interest in history among young hedgehogs).

At the end of the presentations, the authors of the projects voiced their proposals for the development of the grant competition, interaction during the implementation of projects, as well as other areas of joint activity. One of the proposals was the creation of a network of ambassadors of Rosmolodezh.Grants directions from among the representatives of the community.

“From the point of view of the formation of a community of ambassadors, the development of your projects and yourself, this is a very correct story, and there are just great resources inside it. Despite the fact that we are breaking records in terms of the number of applications for the grant competition, we understand that there are almost 40 million young people in our country, and we are far from reaching everyone. Reaching out yourself, telling everyone that there are such opportunities is difficult. And when such a network of guys is formed who promote our joint ideas and meanings, it’s very cool. For us, as well as for you, this is definitely a benefit, ”shared Ksenia Razuvaeva.

In the Welcome zone, the participants of the event were treated to a DJ set, a buffet table, a photo zone and colorful puffs. The symbol of the start of the application campaign “Rosmolodezh.Grants Season 2” was the cutting of the ribbon in the corporate colors of Rosmolodezh. A commemorative patchwork souvenir went to each of the participants of the meeting.

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