Kingdom Come: Deliverance II Revealed by Warhorse Studios

After a short teaser on social networks, Warhorse Studios, the developers of Kingdom Come: Deliverancehave revealed the sequel to their medieval RPG, Kingdom Come: Deliverance II. The first opus, released after six years of work and a crowdfunding campaign of more than a million euros, was a huge success, despite poor optimization, bugs in all directions and really difficult fights. shit – at least when it comes out. Fortunately, many mods quickly came to correct them. The particularity of the game came from its ambition to offer an open world on the theme of knights, but with a realistic point of view, whether in terms of the representation of environments or combat, with more or less success. Six years later, the studio has since moved to THQ Nordic, then Deep Silver, subsidiaries of our friends at Embracer Group, about whom we have been talking to you regularly for several months. But a priori, that didn't stop them from growing to 250 people, in order to realize their true vision: an even bigger, longer and bigger title. They announce five hours of cutscenes, a world twice the size, and a longer and more epic story…

One of the points that particularly interests us is combat. In the video detailing the game, it's difficult to know if the developers have learned their lesson. They describe the clashes as “historically accurate”, but not for reasons of realism, for reasons of immersion. They want to feel the power of the blows delivered, the fear of the opponent's blows, etc. On the other hand, they added crossbows and proto-firearms. The RPG aspect will always take a prominent place, since we should be able to direct the gameplay according to our desire by developing certain skills. In addition to your combat abilities, you should be able to improve your charisma or discretion, for example. Finally, we will be able to walk in much more urban environments, since part of the adventure will take place in the city of Kutna Hora.


Clearly, we are just asking to be taken back to the Middle Ages, because this presentation really makes us want it. We just hope that the sluggish start of the first opus will not be repeated, and that the combat, although “historically accurate”, is a minimum of fun.

Scheduled for the end of 2024, Kingdom Come: Deliverance II has a Steam pageas well as a Epic Games Store pagefrom which you can add it to your wish list, if you are interested.