Killer Instinct update: 87 colors, 2 stages, Ranked… the details! | Xbox

Last November, Killer Instinct made its comeback with its Anniversary Edition and native support on Xbox Series X|S. Since then, other minor updates have been deployed and the developers are back today with some new features.

Killer Instinct gets two new stages, 87 additional colors and much more

Iron Galaxy has just introduced Ranked Crossplay, allowing fighters to engage in ranked clashes between Steam, Xbox and Windows players. A blocking system to restrict interactions has also been put in place to protect users.


Also, all players can now unlock 2 new stages and 87 new colors. After rolling out ahead of schedule on Steam, Xbox and Windows players can finally enjoy them

The main new features of Killer Instinct update 3.11.15

  • Ranked Crossplay is live! You can now enjoy ranked matches between Steam and the Xbox/Windows ecosystems. Please note that both versions still have their own rankings.
  • We want Killer Instinct to remain a safe place for all players. To this end, we have implemented a new blocking system to restrict interactions with other players you select. Blocking works differently depending on which mode you are in.
  • We've unlocked access to previously exclusive colors for all players on all platforms! We wanted to unlock them all at once, but an issue caused them to unlock early on Steam only, requiring us to resolve this issue to be able to roll this out properly.
  • We increased the maximum character level from 50 to 65
    • To celebrate KI's birthday, we've added 3 additional remix colors unlockable per character. So that’s 87 additional colors! You can unlock them at levels 55, 60 and 65!
  • We increased the player level cap from 50 to 65
    • We have added two courses related to your player level. At level 60, you will unlock the sTraining Room. At level 65, you will unlock the Debug Void.
  • Steam microphone issue fixed! We've added a voice chat option in the audio settings that will allow you to mute all voice chats, including your own microphone.
  • We've added an option to adjust the level of camera shake during combat. This option will not affect camera shake during cutscenes, but will affect all other types of camera shake used for impacts in normal combat.
  • Improved general game stability.
  • Fixed some rare cases of players losing save data.

Even more details are to be discovered at this address.

Killer Instinct is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store. Remember that the Anniversary Edition of the fighting game is included in Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.