Kerzhakov: told Danya Odoevsky not to be upset

Goalkeeper of St. Petersburg “Zenith” Mikhail Kerzhakov commented on the match with Akhmat Grozny (0:0). Mikhail entered the field after sending off the goalkeeper blue-white-blue Daniel Odoevsky at the 41st minute.

“A similar situation was just in Grozny, two years ago. Andryukha [Лунёв] then it broke… And we also played in the minority.

Yes, at the end there was a bulk from Akhmat. And the weather conditions affected, of course, and the fact that we played in the minority, of course. But they didn’t have such super-dangerous moments, in my opinion. Of course, there were little goalie tricks. The guys need to give a break, it’s hard for them. They are constantly rebuilding, defending themselves. You need to rest, give pauses so that their focus is not lost.

Said to Dana [Одоевскому]not to get upset. But in general – in hot pursuit it is better not to say anything, it makes no sense. It is necessary that emotions subside a little, ”the official website of Zenit quotes Kerzhakov as saying.

Zenit again lost points away. The champion was let down by a young goalkeeper

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