"Karski paid the price for PiS". The defeat of Kaczyński’s party in the European Parliament

Karol Karski will no longer be the Quaestor of the European Parliament. In extra time, the Law and Justice politician lost to the Czech politician Marcel Kolaja from the Pirate Party. Karski’s dismissal may be another manifestation of the political marginalization of Jarosław Kaczyński’s party in the EP. Karol Karski ended his long mandate as a quaestor of the European Parliament. In the vote, the Law and Justice politician lost to the Czech politician Marcel Kolaja from the Pirate Party. Karol Karski was a quaestor of the European Parliament for 7.5 years, where he chaired the artistic committee, dealt with technical matters, and was responsible for selected administrative matters. The quaestor’s position may not be extremely important, but the fact that Karski was dismissed from it after so many years may indicate that the Polish ruling party is increasingly alienated in the EP. In the vote, the Law and Justice politician lost to the Czech politician Marcel Kolaja from the Pirate Party. In this way, PiS no longer has anyone in the EP governing bodies. loading the post in progress … View original As Onet reports, Karski was to be regretted even by politicians from Polish opposition parties who said that they voted for a PiS politician in a secret ballot. – Prof. Karski had a good reputation as a quaestor and there were no substantive reasons for his defeat – a politician from the Civic Platform told the portal. – You win one time, you lose one time. If I had been elected, I would not have heard so many nice words from my colleagues, not only from my faction, but also from the EPL and S&D – commented Karol Karski himself. “Karski paid the price for PiS” There were also other opinions on the voting results. Róża Thun from Poland 2050 (Renew Europe in the EP) was even surprised that Karski got so many votes – 324. – How is it possible that so many people vote for the candidate of the party that breaks the law? Thun was saying. S&D (social democratic political group in the EP) politicians were to admit directly that “Karski paid the price for PiS”. – I think that the votes of the S&D, Greens and Renew Europe have decided, and the anonymous S&D MP says directly that “the commands were gone to cut the EKR and it happened” – commented the PO politician. – You choose the decent ones – emphasized Róża Thun. Let us remind you that the ECR is the Group of European Conservatives and Reformists to which PiS belongs. Kopacz, Vice-President of the European Parliament again, The representative of the Civic Platform did not lose her position in the European Parliament. Let us recall that a week after the death of the current head of the European Parliament, 65-year-old David Sassoli, elections for the new president took place. Now the EP will be led by MEP Robert Metsola from Malta. Ewa Kopacz will be her deputy. The former prime minister received the support of 467 MEPs. Ewa Kopacz was the deputy president of the European Parliament for the previous two and a half years, and now she will hold the same position for another term of office. Donald Tusk congratulated her on her victory. “I sincerely congratulate Ewa Kopacz on the election of the vice-president of the European Parliament. This is great news for Poland, which is and will be part of the EU. I know Ewa that we are in good hands with you” – wrote the PO leader on Twitter. Embed: Read also – internal link is loading post … See original