Jorte fixes a real calendar – in the mobile

The time when we had to get a new paper calendar at the turn of the year is over. Everyone who has a digital calendar does not have to spend time transferring information between two different calendars every time there is a new year.

Once upon a time, there were lots of standalone calendar services, but nowadays most people choose to use the system that is built into the mobile. If you have an Android mobile, Google Calendar is the natural choice, while Iphone owners often use Icloud Calendar from Apple. Of course, Microsoft also offers a calendar in its cloud service Outlook.

All of these services are free of charge, and fortunately these are open solutions. In other words, having the same calendar is no problem – even if you have devices from different companies.

Better app

You who use the computer can easily access your calendar by browsing to, for example in any browser. In the mobile or tablet, however, a special app is required. As a rule, the mobile manufacturer has pre-installed one – and if you are happy with it, there is of course no reason to change.

However, you are not bound to the default app, and there are many good options, such as Jorte Calendar. The advantage of Jorte is that it has the same design as a regular paper calendar. In other words, you get a better overview than in most other apps.

Another advantage is that it has a very compact widget, ie a gadget that you can place on the phone’s home screen.

With 10 million downloads in Google Play, Jorte is one of the most widely used calendar apps, but of course you have to decide for yourself if you want to give it access to your private calendar.

This is how Jorte Calendar works

1. Calendar

Your calendar is displayed here. In our example, the weekly view is apparently used.

2. Return

Go directly to today’s date with this button.


Double-tap on a date to quickly post an event.

4. Details

Enter name, time, location – and scroll down to get more options for an event.

5. Tasks

You can use Jorte as a to-do list. To hide it, swipe down with the minus icon.

6. Today

Today shows all the activities of the day

7. Calendar

Choose which calendars to display and in which way.

8. Vy

Switch between showing day, month, week, and more.

9. Ny

Create new events, tasks and more.

10. Premium

Services that cost money.

11. Settings

Here you reach the app’s settings menu.

Questions and answers about the app


1. How do I install?

Open Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (Iphone / Ipad) and search for Jorte Calendar. (In our example, we use the Android version.) Press Install and thereafter Open. The first time, you must give Jorte permission to access the information on your mobile phone. This also opens a settings guide.


2. How do I choose an account?

If you want, you can register an account with Jorte, but it is unnecessary – the easiest is to use Google Calendar, which is built into the phone. To do this, check the Use box under the Google Calendar heading.

You also get to choose the look, time zone and more. The easiest way is to accept the default options. You can then choose whether you want to receive personally selected ads with Yes I agree or general ads No, thank you.


3. How do I choose a calendar

If you have several different calendars, you can choose which one is your default. To do this, press Settings at the bottom right and select Advanced Settings, Calendar, Select Default Calendar.
You can also make several selections by pressing the Calendar button on the home page.


4. How do I get a widget

To place Jorte as a so-called widget on the mobile’s home screen, tap an empty space on the screen and select Widgets. Find Jorte in the list and select the desired size. Touch the icon and move it to the correct place. A settings menu now opens where you can select the type (for example Week or Agenda). You can also control its appearance in other ways. Confirm with OK.


5. Does it cost anything?

Jorte is an ad-financed free app. If you want to avoid the ads, you can upgrade to Jorte Plus for 4 dollars a year (35 kronor). You can also choose Jorte Premium which costs 30 dollars a year (260 kronor) and which gives you more features.
You upgrade by tapping the Premium icon at the bottom right.