Johnny Depp returns to the screen as a pirate, but in a video game

Who could not wait to play as the most famous actor of recent years? In fact, Jhonny Depp is back in the limelight thanks to his incredible participation in this video game!

Among all the actors who have made the history of cinema, Jhonny Depp it is definitely one of those most loved And remember for his most important roles. Indeed the well-known actor participated in tens And tens of different films both as protagonist and with secondary parts, always managing to interpret the best and give his own signature to interpretation. Edward Scissorhands, The Chocolate Factory, Shadow and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them are just some of the most well-known films in which he has participated.

Jack Sparrow’s epic is something unattainable. (Source: Screenshot of the film)

There is, however, one legendary saga in which Depp managed to emerge like no other, making his character a real lifestyle, we are talking about: Pirates of the Caribbean!

Jhonny Depp returns, but in a video game!

In 2022, Jhonny Depp’s adventures were a lot far from the world of cinemain fact, as everyone knows, the well-known actor has had legal problems with his ex-wife Amber Heard. Do you really love pirate games? So here’s the release date and news on Skull and Bones!

jhonny depp
The sea is an inaccessible and mysterious place! (Source:

The court events between Depp And Amber have raised an incredible fuss that has also overwhelmed the web, managing to create enormous discussions between various groups of people, between those who blamed one side or the other and those who instead created meme And contents.

This time, however, we are not here to tell you about the next Pirates of the Caribbean, but about an incredible appearance by Jhonny Depp in one of the most anticipated titles on the Chinese market in recent years: Sea of ​​Dawn!

Sea of Dawn it’s surely the MMO more appropriate where Depp can appear as a pirate, precisely Philip which appears in the trailer of the game.

Sea of ​​Dawn is a Chinese MMO in which it will be necessary to sail the seas and be able to collect treasures, fight enemies and compete with the other crews for the only two purposes for which one becomes a pirate: have adventures and get rich like not never! Although Depp in this case does not participate in the shoes of Jack Sparrow, the most famous pirate ever, is a pleasure to see how he got back to fore although the trailer was probably created before Depp-Amber process. Are you in the mood for big announcements? Why Breath of The Wild Time!

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