Japanese man eats rice and pickles and saves 93 million for 20 years without getting married just for early retirement.

In order to save enough money before retirement, can you accept only maintaining the minimum living expenses for more than 20 years, giving up delicious food, not falling in love, not getting married? The Japanese brother below has done it.

Recently, Japan. A post by a 45-year-old man showing dinner went viral,Most of the time, he only eats rice with seasonings. In order to maintain his vital signs, he will drink wild vegetable juice and vitamins.


He himself works in a “black-hearted” company. The boss severely exploits the value of employees. He just wants to save enough retirement funds and retire before the age of 50, as long as he can stop working for the rest of his life.

Originally he had a girlfriend, but in order to achieve his retirement goal, the two could not get married and separated from his girlfriend. Now, he is one step closer to achieving his goal, planning to tour Japan after retirement.

The man claimed that he had a deposit of 93 million yen (about 4.67 million yuan), and he had lived like this for more than 20 years, and he felt pretty good about everything he ate.


He was very firm about his choice. He said that life does not have to pursue luxury, as long as one’s needs are met is enough.

His ability to achieve his goals through frugality and financial management is the source of the freedom and fulfillment he seeks.He hopes that through his story, more people will be encouraged to be rational in financial planning and pursue the life they really desire.

This incident also triggered discussions among netizens. Some netizens thought: “The good time of more than 20 years of youth was spent on saving money and saving money. I lost the fun of falling in love, getting married, and enjoying family affection. Life is also not good. Complete”, “Eating, drinking and having fun in the world is also the joy and meaning of life, and this kind of ascetic life is not recommended”.

Some netizens also expressed their support: “Everyone has their own goals. In order to achieve their own goals, this elder brother has made a clear financial plan for himself, and his super execution ability is worthy of admiration.” The ultimate happiness, this is not a happy ending of life.”

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