Jacques Bouthier accused of raping minors: financial investigation opened into the activities of the ex-CEO of Assu2000

Jacques Bouthier, the 75-year-old business manager was indicted on May 21 for human trafficking and rape of a minor. He is again in the sights of justice, in connection with his recent indictment in particular for “trafficking in human beings” and “rape of a minor”.

An investigation has been opened for abuse of corporate assets into the activities of the former boss of the insurance brokerage group Assu 2000 Jacques Bouthier before he was imprisoned at the end of May for rape of a minor, the Paris prosecutor’s office said. confirming information from M6.

The aim for justice here is to verify whether Jacques Bouthier was able to use funds from his company, Assu 2000, to finance his criminal activities, in particular to rent or acquire accommodation in which he was able to accommodate the young girls who accuse of rape, details BFM TV.

Indicted for traitor of human beings

The 75-year-old entrepreneur was indicted on May 21, following a preliminary investigation opened in mid-March with five other people, in particular for human trafficking and rape of a minor. He is also being prosecuted for conspiracy with a view to committing the crime of kidnapping and forcible confinement in an organized gang and possession of child pornography.

Jacques Bouthier is suspected of having lodged and paid several young women, including minors, in exchange for sexual relations.

“Too old for him”

Last March, a 22-year-old woman presented herself to the Parisian police, explaining that for five years she had been “captive” in the apartment of a wealthy man – Jacques Bouthier – who raped her. Becoming, according to him, “too old for him”, the young woman would have been forced to find a “replacement”. A 14-year-old girl would then have taken her place. The complainant managed to film them together in a bed, before entrusting the video to the investigators. The CEO is suspected of having wanted to set up a team to kidnap the young woman, seize the video and force her to leave France.

Following his indictment, he announced on May 24 his resignation from the mandate of president which had been his since 1975.

In total, six people were indicted and placed in pre-trial detention in this case: the businessman, his wife, a young girl suspected of having played the touts for Jacques Bouthier and three henchmen, including a former of the GIGN.

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