it’s what ? Who is it for ? How much does it cost ?

The Apple application dedicated to classical music was to be released last year, but the manufacturer needed a little more time to refine this novelty linked to Apple Music: the app will finally be available at the end of March!

Classical music will have a new setting on March 28! Apple Music subscribers will indeed be able to listen to the greatest pieces of the classic in a dedicated application called Apple Music Classical. Therefore, access to this application and its catalog of 5 million songs costs “nothing”, except for an Apple Music subscription (individual, student, family or Apple One). The Voice formula at €4.99 per month is not compatible.

See you on March 28 for classical music

The app itself is an adapted version of Apple Music, with work to simplify the interface. Apple has mainly worked behind the curtain to multiply the relevant metadata which will make it easier to find a piece by composer, work, conductor or even by entering a catalog number. Classical music can already be found in Apple Music (and other streaming platforms), but finding a specific piece is currently an obstacle course.

Apple also promises optimal audio quality (up to 192 kHz/24-bit lossless high resolution) as well as thousands of Dolby Atmos recordings to enjoy spatial audio. If Apple Music Classical is aimed at classical music lovers, the application does not forget novices. The latter will thus be able to read thousands of biographies of composers (and portraits made by artists for the occasion) as well as descriptions of essential works. More than 700 playlists will also be available to take your first steps well accompanied in this world which can be intimidating.

The application, already available in preorder, will only be available on iPhone. Apple does not announce any version for iPad or Mac, but there will be an application for Android. Another limit: you will need an internet connection to listen to Apple Music Classical! No download option will be offered, although many hope that will be the case soon after the launch of the app.

Apple Music Classical is the realization by Apple of its acquisition of Primephonic, in August 2021. The manufacturer then got its hands on one of the main streaming services for classical music. The app was shut down shortly after purchase, giving Apple time to fine-tune its own offering. Obviously, these 18 months were not enough to tweak variations for all the company’s devices.

Despite everything, access to this classical music application is a strong argument for Apple Music that will attract all fans of the genre. One way to stand out from Spotify…