it’s really the end of the essential platform

After merging with Crunchyroll, the anime platform Wakanim is officially bowing out. What about your current subscription and purchases made?

In just a few years, the Sony group has extended its hold on the world of Japanese animation. So much so that today, the Japanese giant owns all the platforms you know such as ADN, Crunchyroll and Wakanim which will close its doors.


The official end of Wakanim

Since the merger, Wakanim has moved its anime catalog to Crunchyroll. The idea being to find all the content on a single platform. “This means that all your anime will be available on one platform. Starting today, series and movies available from Wakanim and Funimation will start arriving on Crunchyroll. So you will have more VF, more VOSTFR, more of everything! » explained the company last year via its site.

This integration will end again on November 3 with the total closure of the service. “After fifteen years of serving anime fans and after careful consideration, we have made the decision to close Wakanim on November 3, 2023” says the company in a press release (via Manga News). A cessation of activity which will have consequences for subscribers. Until this date, you will be able to watch all the episodes as well as the series as much as you want in streaming. But after that, the only solution will be to make a backup on a PC. “When the platform closes, purchased episodes and series will not be able to be transferred to Crunchyroll and will need to be downloaded to your local computer to continue viewing as a personal copy”.

If you have Wakanim subscription days remaining after November 3, 2023, they will be refunded by requesting through customer service. The same goes for your credits as we can read in the FAQ. “You can use your remaining credits until the expiration date. After the expiration date, you will be entitled to a refund of the remaining credits on the platform through additional communication » specifies the web portal.

Where to see your anime? Crunchyroll, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video…

This closure of Wakanim is the logical continuation of the merger with Crunchyroll. But it remains to be seen how subscribers will receive the news and if they will find their way into this whole story. At least the company seems to have opted for a smooth transition, and anime fans now know where to go. In addition to Crunchyroll, SVOD platforms like Netflix and Prime Video also have successful anime.


However, there are limitations compared to Crunchyroll. To begin with, don’t expect to have a catalog as extensive as the special service in animation programs. Then, even when some big names are available like Demon Slayer on Amazon Prime Video, it is incomplete. For example, it’s impossible to watch season 2 entirely without checking out. One part is on Prime and the other on OCS.