“It’s needed for communication and as a town square.”

Immediately following Apple’s “Wonderlust” special event, Apple CEO Tim Cook was interviewed by John Dickerson on CBS Sunday Morning. In the interview, Cook discussed Apple’s environmental goals, as well as the company’s decision to continue using Twitter, investing in Texas, and more.

On Twitter

Apple has faced resistance over its decision to continue using Twitter (currently known as “X”), including spending heavily on advertising on the platform. John Gruber, for example, suggested the company reconsider its decision earlier this month.

When asked by Dickerson whether Apple should stop advertising on Twitter, Cook gave (sort of) an explanation for Apple’s continued commitment to the platform.

“That’s what we ask ourselves. Overall, I think Twitter is an important property,” Cook said. “I like the idea that this is a place for discussion and a town square. There are also some things I don’t like about it.”

Dickerson, however, made an important clarification:

“There’s discourse, and then there’s anti-Semitism,” Dickerson said.

“Yes, it’s disgusting. Just point blank, there’s no room for that.”

“So, is this something you evaluate all the time?”

“We ask ourselves that question all the time,” Cook said.

About Texas

Dickerson also questioned Cook about Apple’s ongoing corporate expansion in Texas and how it fits with the state’s anti-abortion, anti-transgender and anti-gay laws. It’s worth noting that this interview itself was filmed in Texas.

Dickerson said, “When we last spoke, you said, ‘I believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect, and that all roads lead to equality.’ How should people think about your commitment to equality and Texas policies that seem to contradict that?”

Cook responded, “John, there will always be times when we are either selling or working in a place where we have different opinions on an issue. But I tell you from the bottom of my heart: we believe in treating everyone with dignity and respect. And this is how we show ourselves as a company. We believe in being part of the community and trying to advocate for change rather than raising a moat and leaving.”

About the environment

One of the clear themes of Apple’s “Wonderlust” event on Tuesday was the company’s commitment to becoming completely carbon neutral by 2030.

“I don’t do any virtue signaling at all. I do not believe in this. We want to work hard,” Cook said in an interview today. “I want it to work because I want other people to copy it. And I know they are not going to copy a solution that is not a good economic solution.”

Also in the interview, Apple Vice President Christina Raspe touched on the idea that a zero-carbon iPhone is the company’s “Holy Grail.” “Our current focus throughout the company, and my department in particular, is to ensure that every device our customers own and operate, and the electricity they use to charge it, is powered by renewable energy,” she explained.

“It’s all about putting one watt into the system for every watt our customers use to power our devices,” Cook said.

Other interesting points

Elsewhere in the interview, Cook said the Vision Pro is still on track for an early 2024 release. In fact, he apparently watched the entire third season of Ted Lasso using an Apple headset.

There is also talk about Apple in China, remote work, the pandemic and much more. The full interview can be found on the CBS News website.

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