It became known about the attempt on the deputy head of the administration of New Kakhovka Russian news EN

An attempt was made on the life of the deputy head of the Gur local administration in Nova Kakhovka

In Nova Kakhovka, Kherson region, an attempt was made on the life of Vitaly Gur, deputy head of the local administration for housing and communal services. On Saturday, August 6, reports RIA News with reference to a source in the district administration.

As it became known, the attack took place near the house where Gur lived. The official was shot with a Makarov pistol, spent cartridges from this type of weapon were found at the scene.

Currently, the deputy head of the administration is in critical condition. According to the interlocutor of the agency, the issue of his transportation to the Crimea for further treatment is now being considered.

In July, Ukrainian troops shelled Novaya Kakhovka. The blows hit warehouses with saltpeter and an enterprise that produces equipment for a local hydroelectric power station.

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