Is Xbox Losing the Battle as Our Market Focuses on PC and PS5?

The console war and the competition for dominance in the gaming sector are omnipresent. However, according to the head of, Xbox has already lost the battle.

Xbox at the end? The market is stagnating in Europe

Chris Dring, head of, was recently a guest at the Game Developers Conference (GDC). Apparently he didn't only take positive things with him from there, because as he now reports, he believes that “Xbox as a hardware manufacturer is in real trouble” (source:


He has heard from several companies that the performance of the Xbox is no longer sufficient in Europe. You can watch how they do Sales decline – even stronger this year than last. He also reports on a major company that released a major game last year and now regrets supporting the console at all.

Phil Spencer himself has admitted in the past that he lost the console war, with the Xbox always lagging behind the Switch and PlayStation, but things now seem worse than ever. Chris Dring has heard that retailers have already started discounting Xbox hardware and games, and there are already third-party retailers who do Market only for PC and PS5 see.

“I thought it was fine, but then I didn't consider that some developers and publishers might say, 'Yeah, I don't know, what's the point?' And that’s the moment when you can lose everything,” says Dring.

You had a very clear opinion about Xbox and PlayStation in 2022:


More Xbox games for PS5 and PC?

Now Microsoft has no choice but to take countermeasures and the company has already started to do so. In February, Xbox confirmed that former exclusive games such as Pentiment, Hi-Fi RUSH, Grounded and Sea of ​​Thieves would be released for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation this spring. There are also rumors that more games like Starfield should follow, for example.