Is this the worst Fiat ever? The engine was the fastest in the world | The incredible video

The Fiat 126 is certainly not famous for its exciting performance. But what would happen if someone put their hand to their engine with a tuning like you have never seen before?

The Fiat 126 it’s a pretty utilitarian that the oldest of you readers will certainly remember with affection and even emotion, in case it was one of their first cars. The car, however, has a small defect that makes itself felt today: it is not very powerful, with an engine that in the livelier versions delivers the ridiculous figure of 25 horsepower!

It doesn’t look like a powerful engine, but … (Engine Swap Depot)

To put it briefly, there are bikes that have a more powerful engine and that allows much better results than the 36 seconds it takes the little Italian to reach 100 kilometers per hour from a standstill. And this must be the same thing they thought the authors of a “killer” tuning.

The 126 on the cover that mounts a Polish plate – the country where the 126 had a resounding success with millions of specimens mass-produced – it hides a secret in the rear compartment where the subcompact engine is housed. Let’s find out how a record-breaking bike turned this little girl into a monster!

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One hundred more horses

Some Polish tuner has seen fit to remove that smoky and slow two-cylinder engine from the rear of our 126 to replace it with one of the most powerful engines ever seen on a street bike. Let’s talk about that of the Honda CBR1100XX, a record two-wheeler.

Yes, it’s more powerful than your small car (Wikipedia)

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This oriental motorcycle reaches 300 kilometers per hour without too many problems! Of course, with a considerable weight difference, the 126 will not be able to replicate this performance but still manages to deliver between 132 and 165 horses of power, the tests to ascertain this are still in progress.

A difference of over 100 horsepower that makes the car – also subjected to minor cosmetic changes – a full-fledged hot hatch. Think about driving to the traffic lights in your Mercedes-Benz to see you humiliated by an old woman 126 of 1988 as soon as it turns green. Absurd, huh?

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