Is the PS5 hype fading? Disappointing console paves the way for a new champion

The PlayStation 5 is no longer next-gen. More than three years after its launch, the console now seems to be showing weakness. Nevertheless, Sony can be very happy with a new gaming strategy.

PlayStation 5: The console is getting old

Sony has published new business figures for the PlayStation 5. The report shows that the console narrowly missed the company's high expectations. 21 million PS5 consoles were supposed to be sold last year – in reality they were 20.8 million. Almost the same? In fact, Sony has already scaled back its own claims compared to the original target of 25 million consoles (source:


The tech company continues to expect that the number of new consoles sold will now gradually decline. Sony justifies this by saying that the PS5 is now in the second half of the console cycle entry. Nevertheless, Sony expects to increase profits from software sales by increasing active users and engagement.

Sony can with the business figures overall very satisfied. Sales through Game & Network Services rose by 17 percent last year to a value of $27.5 billion. Profits rose 16 percent to $1.9 billion. Pretty high numbers for a company that laid off 900 employees at the beginning of the year.

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Helldivers 2 breaks a PlayStation record

However, one PlayStation success stands out in particular from the annual report: Helldivers 2 is a mega hit. No game has ever sold so quickly, so well. In 12 weeks after release, 12 million copies were sold. This beat the previous record holder, God of War: Ragnarök. Sony says that expectations were “significantly exceeded”.


Helldivers 2 is of course unique in the sense that it is a first-party game that, in addition to the PS5, also straight to launch on the PC has appeared. The PC community diligently contributed to Sony's success and was immediately punished for it with a PSN ban. Since the PC experiment was a success, Sony may now release more games directly on platforms like Steam or at least shorten the waiting time.