iPhone 16 will have an additional capacitive button

The iPhone 16 line is expected to receive an additional capacitive button, internally called Capture Button. The button, codenamed Project Nova, is likely to become one of the main advantages of the iPhone 16 line, if only it passes the initial testing stage. It will be located on the same side as the power button, just a little lower – where the mmWave notch is on later iPhone models. Now the mmWave cutout has been moved to the opposite side, under the volume buttons. It is currently unknown what the new capacitive button will be used for.

It is expected that the Capture Button will not be an ordinary mechanical button, but a capacitive button. Such buttons, unlike mechanical ones, do not move when pressed. Instead, the button senses pressure and touch, providing haptic feedback through the use of haptic sensors. These buttons are expected to work similarly to the Home button on the iPhone SE, which simulates pressing a physical button thanks to the built-in Taptic Engine. According to sources, the capacitive buttons will be equipped with force sensors. They detect the applied force and convert its magnitude into electrical signals.


Early in the development of the iPhone 15 Pro, Apple experimented with capacitive buttons on the iPhone as part of Project Bongo, which was later cancelled. The Bongo module, unlike the Capture Button, consisted of capacitive power and volume buttons and did not provide any additional elements. According to the MacRumors portal, the Bongo module was closed at the project development stage after unsatisfactory testing results and a significant number of hardware problems.

Unlike Bongo, Capture Button will debut across the entire iPhone 16 lineup, including the base iPhone 16 and 16 Plus models. However, it’s worth noting that Apple also created a hardware configuration without the new button, perhaps as a fallback in case the hardware bugs continued. Capture Button will appear in both eSIM-only devices and devices with support for physical SIM card slots.

In addition to the Capture Button and an updated action button, the base model of the iPhone 16 is expected to feature an updated camera module with a vertical orientation similar to the iPhone 12. The Pro models are also expected to have an increase in screen size – from 6.1″ to 6.7″. “up to 6.3″ and 6.9” respectively.

It is important to note that the information presented is pre-production.


The iPhone 16 lineup is still in the early stages of development and its design is not yet finalized. Therefore, there is always a possibility that the new Capture Button will not appear on the final product.

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