iOS 17 is about to be pushed. This article understands the new upgrades of the new system–Quick Technology–Technology changes the future.

As early as June’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple brought a new iOS 17 system. However, temperament launched a Beta version at that time and was not open to the majority of iPhone users.But just tomorrow (September 19), Apple’s official version of iOS 17 will be pushed. What are the new changes in the new system compared to the previous one? Which devices can receive push notifications? The following article on Mobile China will give you all the answers.

1. Communication

iOS 17 brings major upgrades to the Phone App, FaceTime App and Message App, making users’ communication experience richer and more interesting.

The Phone App has added a personalized contact poster function, allowing users to customize what the other party sees when making an outgoing call, such as photos, Memoji, fonts and colors. The Phone App has also launched a Live Voicemail function, which allows users to see the voice-transcribed text in real time when others leave voice messages, and can also answer calls while the other party is leaving a message.

iOS 17 is about to be pushed. Let’s understand what new upgrades the new system has in this article.

FaceTime App has added audio and video message functions, allowing users to share messages when the callee cannot be connected for the other party to enjoy later. FaceTime App has also added a new Reactions function, allowing users to respond to each other with three-dimensional augmented reality effects such as hearts, balloons, and fireworks.

The Message App has added new stickers, allowing users to use more emoticon stickers to express their emotions and attitudes. Users can also extract objects or scenes from photos, create live stickers, and add special effects to the stickers. The messaging app has also added some new features to enhance users’ communication experience. For example, search filters make the search experience more powerful and accurate; a new indicator arrow points to where the user last left the conversation; and when sending an audio message, it will be automatically transcribed into text. The messaging app has also launched a safety confirmation function, allowing users to notify family members or friends that they have arrived at their destination safely.

iOS 17 is about to be pushed. Let’s understand what new upgrades the new system has in this article.

2. Air delivery

In iOS 17, AirDrop welcomes a new sharing method.

iOS 17 is about to be pushed. Let’s understand what new upgrades the new system has in this article.

Users only need to put two iPhones together, or put an iPhone and an Apple Watch together, and they can easily share contact information through the NameDrop function. Users can select the mobile phone number or email address they want to share, and quickly share it with the other party along with their Contact Poster.

Through the same operation, users can also share content with another iPhone device within a short distance or start simulcast sharing to listen to music, watch movies, or play games together. Simultaneous sharing is a feature that allows multiple people to enjoy the same content at the same time.

If users do not complete the AirDrop file transfer, they can continue the transfer online. so,Users don’t have to worry about interruptions in transmission due to long distances or unstable networks.

3. Journal App

Journal App is a brand new app for iOS 17. It can help users record and review every detail of their life, such as mood, activities, photos, videos, music, etc. Journal App uses machine learning technology on the device to automatically generate beautiful diary pages based on user input and preferences, allowing users to enjoy diary writing anytime and anywhere.

iOS 17 is about to be pushed. Let’s understand what new upgrades the new system has in this article.

Journal App has the following features:

1. Intelligent prompts: It can give appropriate writing prompts based on the user’s location, time, weather, calendar events, etc.

2. Multimedia support: It supports users to add photos, videos, audios, links, maps and other media content to the diary.

4. Memories function: It can regularly generate memory videos or photo albums based on the user’s diary content.

5. Privacy protection: It uses end-to-end encryption technology to protect users’ diary contents from being leaked or tampered with.

4. StandBy function

The StandBy function is an innovative feature introduced by iOS 17 to save power and protect the environment. It allows users to put their iPhone into low-power mode when not in use. The StandBy function utilizes machine learning technology on the device side,According to the user’s usage habits and environmental conditions, the iPhone’s screen brightness, sound volume, network connection and other settings are intelligently adjusted to reduce power consumption.

The StandBy function has the following characteristics:

iOS 17 is about to be pushed. Let’s understand what new upgrades the new system has in this article.

1. Intelligent identification: You can identify whether the user is using the iPhone through the iPhone’s built-in sensors and cameras.

2. Intelligent adjustment: Intelligently adjust various settings of the iPhone based on the current remaining power of the iPhone and the estimated next charging time.

3. Smart recovery: Intelligently restore the original settings of the iPhone when the user uses the iPhone again.

4. Intelligent learning: It will continuously learn and optimize its own identification and adjustment strategies based on the user’s usage habits and environmental conditions.

In addition, after turning on this mode, it can also perform voice recognition at any time. Users can ask questions through Siri, and the iPhone will display corresponding visual results. Apple has also added interactive widgets to it, allowing you to perform some controls directly on the home page through widgets.

iOS 17 is about to be pushed. Let’s understand what new upgrades the new system has in this article.

5. Smarter Siri

In iOS 17, Siri has become more intelligent and natural, and it has a new offline mode that can handle some common requests without a network connection. The new Siri uses new neural text-to-speech technology to make Siri’s voice more natural and smooth, and can express different emotions and tones.

The new Siri can also have more intelligent and coherent conversations with users, understand the user’s intentions and context, and provide more accurate and relevant answers. Users can communicate with Siri through voice, text, gestures and other methods. Siri can also proactively provide some useful suggestions and reminders, such as telling users weather conditions, traffic information, schedules, etc.

iOS 17 is about to be pushed. Let’s understand what new upgrades the new system has in this article.

Finally, Siri can provide users with a more personalized experience based on their preferences and habits. In addition to setting Siri’s nickname, image, voice, etc., Siri can also learn your own preferences and interests so that it can provide more appropriate applications and services. But the most important thing is that you no longer need to shout “Hey Siri” to wake it up in the future. “Siri” is enough.

6. Smarter Keyboard

iOS 17 brings more smart and convenient features to the keyboard, including autocorrect and dictation.

Autocorrect is a feature that helps users improve typing speed and accuracy by correcting spelling errors and typos based on context and grammar. In iOS 17, automatic correction adds a transformer language model, which can continuously improve the experience and accuracy with each user typing. Users can get real-time predictive text recommendations as they type, and just tap the space bar to add a whole word or complete a sentence.

iOS 17 is about to be pushed. Let’s understand what new upgrades the new system has in this article.

Dictation is a function that allows users to input text using voice. In iOS 17, dictation uses a new language recognition model to further improve accuracy. Dictation supports multiple languages ​​and dialects, and can automatically detect language switching. Dictation also recognizes punctuation, date, time, currency, and more, and works with Siri, Search, Safari, and more.

7. Safari and passwords

As the default browser on Apple devices, iOS 17 adds some new features to Safari to improve ease of use and security.

iOS 17 is about to be pushed. Let’s understand what new upgrades the new system has in this article.

The newly added adaptive audio feature allows Safari to automatically adjust audio output based on web page content, such as reducing background noise and enhancing speech clarity. The password generator function allows Safari to generate secure and random passwords for you and save them in iCloud Keychain. When you’re asked to enter a password, Safari automatically fills it in. In terms of security, Safari has added password monitoring, which will regularly check whether the passwords you save in the iCloud keychain are leaked or stolen, and remind you to change them in time.

In addition, Safari browser responds faster to searches, results are more readable and relevant, and the new incognito mode locks the incognito browsing window when idle and completely blocks known trackers from loading pages. , and remove identifying tracking parameters that are added to URLs as you browse.

8. Health App Upgrade

The new health app is getting an upgrade on iOS 17. Introducing new mental health and vision health features.

iOS 17 is about to be pushed. Let’s understand what new upgrades the new system has in this article.

In terms of mental health, users can record their daily mood and temporary emotions through mobile phones and other Apple devices. By reviewing their mood, they can recognize their emotional state and enhance their psychological adjustment ability. It can also provide a standardized mental health assessment to see if there are current mental health risks by answering a series of questions related to feelings. Additionally, you’ll get access to resources and articles related to mental health crises to better understand your current state of mind.

In addition, in terms of vision health, it can reduce the harm of myopia by increasing the time spent outdoors under sunlight and maintaining a longer distance when viewing devices or book content. Users can learn about the time under sunlight detected by Apple Watch through the Health App. Activities in sunlight can help reduce the risk of myopia in children and have great benefits for both physical and mental health.

Viewing devices or books too close to each other also risks causing myopia. The new Screen Distance feature uses the same TrueDepth cameras used by iPhone and iPad to scan Face ID, and will encourage users to move their devices further away to ease vision after they have been less than 12 inches (30.48 centimeters) away from the device they are holding for a period of time. fatigue.

In addition, iOS 17 also adds many new functions such as offline map function, music collaboration list, shopping list reminder, privacy and security protection, etc., to make your mobile phone experience more complete.

iOS 17 is about to be pushed. Let’s understand what new upgrades the new system has in this article.

Support upgraded models

Apple stated on its official website,Including the latest iPhone 15 series, iPhone 14 series, iPhone 13 series, iPhone 12 series, iPhone 11 series, as well as iPhone XS, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone XR, iPhone SE (second generation or subsequent models) will be able to be updated to the latest system, while iPhone X and below models are not eligible for this iOS 17.

iOS 17 is about to be pushed. Let’s understand what new upgrades the new system has in this article.

If your phone happens to be on the upgrade list, will you choose to upgrade to the new iOS 17?