iOS 16 adds new Shazam animation when identifying songs

Since Apple acquired Shazam, the company has added several new features to take advantage of iOS and other operating systems. In iOS 16, Apple even created a beautiful new animation when you ask Siri to identify a song with Shazam. But the company can do much more.

Shazam now has new animations on iOS

As noted by BGR Jose Adorno Twitter in iOS 16 has a cool animation for the built-in Shazam feature. Now, when a user asks Siri to identify a song, iOS shows a card with an animated Shazam logo at the top of the screen.

Of course, this does not affect how the function works, which remains largely unchanged. But it certainly makes the whole process more user-friendly, not to mention it also highlights the Shazam brand. After iOS identifies the song, its details are displayed on the card. You can click on it to open the Shazam app or App Clip with more information about the song.

Interestingly, the company could have used Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro to show Shazam animations, but that hasn’t happened yet. Perhaps something similar will appear in iOS 17 later this year.

Now with iOS 16 and the new lock screen, Apple has also started promoting artists with exclusive wallpapers through the Shazam app. Back in iOS 14, native Shazam integration was turned into an App Clip.

Feature Request: Automatic Shazam

According to a recent report, Apple is also working on a new way to use Shazam to automatically detect songs that are playing around you.

It’s unclear if Apple will actually introduce this “Auto Shazam” feature, but I definitely want to see it in action. For example, Google Pixel phones have a similar feature. As a result, users can easily check the titles of the songs that are playing around them without doing anything. It would be great for those moments when you forget to activate Shazam.

The Shazam app for iPhone and iPad is available for free on the App Store. It’s worth noting that you don’t need to install an app to ask Siri to identify a song. The same applies to the Shazam button in the iOS Control Center.