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“Iop and hop” In Dofus.

Everything you need to know

PrerequisitesRecommended level: 20
Quests: ” Class Council “
Awards41,277 XP
936 Kamas
Beach Towel x1
Tanning cream x1
Marine Conch x1
Competition Fin x1
LocationAstrub [5,-19]
PredictableCombat (alone) x1
10 Kamas
Be an Iop

Solution to the quest
“Iop and hop” In Dofus

The Iops must go to Rok Elreuss, in
[5,-19] to start their class quest. He noted dissension in the ranks among the new followers of Iop. So he sends you to infiltrate and understand this sudden change. Start by visiting a casual Iop at the equipment sales house in [6,-17]. He assures you that he is there on behalf of Rok Elreuss as part of his training. But by returning to your supervisor in
[5,-19]you learn that you have been deceived.


Head to Dispenserre in [3,-21] to find explanations from the injured. Relieve whining Iop by speaking with Nepra Lido and “Ask about Iops injuries”. Unfortunately, none of them wanted to talk about what happened to them. Strike up a conversation with the casual Iop who just appeared to offer you some unique training while the injured rest. Just take a few preparations and you will be able to fight.

A special training

Go to the tailor's workshop, [7,-15], to pay 10 Kamas for a stinging wool from Alit Elfminate. Then use a sewing machine to make woolen briefs. Once in your pocket, head
[11,-11] to find the casual Iop and know what the training consists of. Strike up a conversation with the Rok Dopple Elreuss who has just appeared before turning back to a casual Iop to learn that this is all about causing trouble at Captain Chafer's next Underpants Party.

Return to Rok Elreuss to tell him all about this. Worried, he sends you to the library to learn about K'Norr'Ys' heritage. Direction [7,-19], then upstairs to question Aisling. Once the explanations are finished, go and warn Rok Elreuss who will send you to help the disciples.

Return to [11,-11] to find an experienced Iop to support you. Then talk to one of the casual Iops to stop their training. Stubborn, you will have to make your fists speak so that they understand. A fight then begins against 3 Iops, and is carried out alone.


Once the fight is over, speak again to an experienced Iop who tells you that the Dopple has been taken to prison.

All you have to do now is return to Rok Elreuss to end the quest. “Iop and hop” on
Dofus. Heading to the sewers now to “It smells like gas”.