Ionity: 700 million euros to grow the network

NEW INVESTMENTS – The growth of charging infrastructures Ionity accelerates. The company wanted by the manufacturers BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen Group, Ford and Hyundai Motor announces a investment of 700 million euros. The network now aims to quadruple by 2025 the current 1,500 fast charging points, thus arriving at 7,000 stations with 350 kW power throughout Europe. Decisive for the next phase of Ionity, the entry into the list of shareholders of BlackRock, one of the largest US investment companies globally, just think that the American fund manages 285 billion euros placed in alternative companies (data referring to 30 September 2021).

ENHANCED NETWORK – The new liquidity will allow the construction of new Ionity sites along the highways, near major cities and on the busiest state roads. Not only that, future stations will also see the recharging points increase, which will go from 6 to 12, the same process will also take place for the Ionity hubs that are already operational, with an increase in their “topping up” points.
A move necessary to adapt to the energy transition plan, in order to be able to respond to the demand for a greater number of electric vehicles on the road, also developing charging stations and infrastructures powered by 100% renewable energy.


CONCEPT OASI – The next step of Ionity will not only see the expansion of the network, but also the construction and operation of its own service stations, introducing the concept Oasi (in the drawing above). In fact, in the future plans of the consortium there is the conception of a recharging experience, combining the practicality of refilling the battery with some comforts such as bars, restaurants and shops.

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