internet at home at a mini price at only 16.99 euros per month

It’s time to make a good deal. The operator Bouygues Télécom, number one, breaks the prices of its fiber box, with a lower price than ever.

Clearly, it’s a good plan that will stand out. At the moment at Bouygues Télécom, it is indeed possible to afford the Bbox fit at very reduced price of 16.99 euros per month, or simply two to three times less than other boxes of its kind. Take the example of the Bbox ultym: its price is 30.99 euros per month, for a very similar value proposition. We are therefore there on a price approximately 50% lower with the Bbox fit, which will save you around fifteen euros per month or even in total nearly 180 euros per year. And as a bonus, know that the upload speed of this internet box reaches 400 Mb per second. To download me, it’s the same speed as you should expect.

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Note that this box is compatible with Wi-Fi 5 technology, which will allow you to connect very quickly. The case is white in color and has LEDs installed on the front, which let you know the status of your network in real time. If you notice that a problem is reported, then you just need to contact Bouygues Télécom’s customer service directly. This one is rather reactive and you will also have the possibility of exchanging with a human on the phone, which is not the case with all the operators who offer boxes in FranceT. Or not so easily, in any case.

With the Bbox, you have access to many services. Among these, we can notably cite the bouquet of TV channels included, including those of France Télévision and M6. It contains all the programs you know. But that’s not all, since the manufacturer of the box has also thought of integrating a classic USB port on the side of its box, to which you can connect equipment, which is not the case with all the others. similar devices.

Bbox fit, the best box on the market in 2023?

The Bbox fit is therefore proposed here at the price of 16.99 euros per month only, but this amount increases after a while. Indeed, after being subscribed for twelve months (one year), the price reaches 31.99 euros per month. In addition, it is necessary to commit for one year precisely, to be entitled to this Bbox offer. Good to know if you ever plan to offer it now, for example because your current operator offers much higher prices. And it’s understandable: with the crisis, many are looking for more interesting offers than those of Orange or SFR. This is indeed the case here, for a sum almost lower than a traditional mobile plan. Except that with the Bbox, no data consumption limit!

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With the Bbox fit, know that you will also be able to make calls. So of course, you will have to invest in a dedicated handset, but it is still no less than one hundred and ten different countries that are available to converse with. Among those who are eligible, we find in particular Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Portugal, Finland or even Greece and Croatia. Most regions of the European Union are therefore concerned, which will prevent you from losing contact with your loved ones during their trip abroad. And everything is completely manageable from Bouygues Telecom’s mobile app, which is very practical because it is available not only on iPhones but also on smartphones running the Android operating system. What more ? We have rarely seen a box so well equipped these days!

I take advantage of the offer

Only 16.99 euros per month for the Bbox fit (half price)!

The Bbox fit that Bouygues Télécom offers today is therefore offered at the price of 16.99 euros per month only, i.e. 50% less approximately only the 31.99 euros per month which you will then have to pay if you wish to keep the line after twelve months. But this price is available in limited quantities: indeed, we know that after a while this kind of promotion ends up disappearing. The opportunity is therefore not to be missed, otherwise you risk being disappointed if tomorrow the box at a mini price is no longer available. Especially since the operator here is renowned for providing a fairly reliable modem, with very few cuts during the year and covering most of the territory with fiber. So you might even be lucky enough to enjoy fast speed in a small village.

To take advantage of this best price of the day, just go to our dedicated link above. The operator Bouygues Télécom will then ask you to enter your address to check if you are indeed eligible (this is the case for more than 95% of the population in metropolitan France). Then, you will receive the box in a package, at home directly. All you have to do is plug it in to start enjoying unlimited internet and telephone access. Sometimes, it will still be necessary for a technician to come and start the fiber, but this is an operation that only takes a few minutes: very fast. The technicians are indeed trained upstream by Bouygues Télécom and know the technology inside out. You therefore do not need any technical knowledge if you wish to opt for the Bbox fit at only 16.99 euros per month.

I take advantage of the offer