Intel wants to get millions of Arc GPUs into the hands of gamers every year

PC Gamer wrote an open letter to Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger a few days ago. In this it is requested that sufficient attractively priced Arc Alchemist video cards be brought to the market, in order to be able to mitigate the continuing shortages somewhat. Raja Koduri, head of Intel’s GPU department, has replied to this letter via Twitter.

Koduri recognizes that the entire industry is currently suffering from the ongoing scarcity. He adds that Intel is working hard on a solution. The blue camp wants to get “millions of Arc GPUs” into the hands of gamers on an annual basis.

Specific numbers are not mentioned, so it remains to be seen what influence the launch of Intel’s Arc Alchemist GPUs will have on the high prices of video cards. According to Intel, the first products will hit the market in this quarter, although it is not clear whether this refers to laptop chips or desktop cards. In terms of performance, the desktop flagship with 512 execution units would compete with Nvidia’s RTX 3070, while the entry-level model would compete with the RTX 3050 and Radeon RX 6500 XT.

PC Gamer, Raja Koduri (Twitter)

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