Instinct3: Jasmin Oestreicher becomes the new managing director

Jasmin Oestreicher, designated managing director of Instinct3

At the turn of the year, Jasmin Oestreicher will take up her new role as managing director of the Spandau influencer marketing agency Instinct3.


It was only a few months ago that Jasmin Oestreicher was appointed Director of Business Strategy at Instinct3 – she will be promoted to management on January 1, 2024. In addition to business development and the creative agency, she is also responsible for the artist agency (with HandOfBlood as its flagship), administration and strategic leadership.

A few days ago it became known that the previous co-boss Hendrik Ruhe and Johannes Gorzel were withdrawing from the operational management of Instinct3 and the e-sports joint venture Eintracht Spandau and would take on an advisory role in the future.

Oestreicher looks back on many years of experience working for large game publishers: among other things, she was marketing manager at Koch Media (today: Plaion) and press spokeswoman for the now closed German branch of Activision Blizzard.

Jasmin Oestreicher: “Early after I joined Instinct3, Hendrik and Johannes talked to me about a management perspective. Then as now, I am very honored by the trust of the shareholders. Now I had over two years to come up with an awareness of my future Role to experience and shape everyday business in the operational area. As managing director, my core concern will be to adapt Instinct3’s corporate culture and offerings to the constantly changing conditions in the market, without relying on the common values ​​compass of our workforce to deviate from our founders. In the coming months, a number of things will of course be put to the test – with a view to our service portfolio and our organizational development, we are in a spirit of optimism. However, one thing is also clear: The Instinct3 team will continue to address target groups for brands and creators like no other gaming agency and offer creative excellence.”

The co-founder and previous co-managing director Hendrik Ruhe:Johannes and I are very happy and grateful that Jasmin quickly familiarized herself with the strategic and administrative skills of Instinct3 GmbH over the past two years. Now we would like to leave the field to her so that she can freely express her view of the corporate culture and the market when it comes to ushering in the next era of Instinct3 five years after its founding. For me personally, this means that I am withdrawing completely from Instinct3 GmbH and focusing on personal consulting assignments, Eintracht Spandau and the business development of the surrounding group of companies under the parent company I3 Holding GmbH.

Johannes Gorzel: “In my role, I will support Jasmin as an internal consultant for the first few months and will continue to be in the same boat with her as co-CEO for the time being. However, my operational focus at Instinct3 GmbH is clearly on our artist HandOfBlood and the new ones associated with him Companies as well as the editorial teams of HandOfBlood and Eintracht Spandau. This means I can use my technical know-how more and devote myself to my passion for product development.”

Instinct3 is part of the recently rapidly expanding I3 Holding, which bundles investments and subsidiaries from the agency sector.