Instagram will resuscitate the chronological display of posts

Is Instagram Harmful for Young People? The revelations of whistleblower Frances Haugen last month suggest so. Worse, those responsible for Instagram would have deliberately turned a blind eye to certain consequences of their application in order not to impact its profitability. This has earned the Meta group, ex-Facebook, many reviews.

After the controversy, the actions. Yesterday, the US Senate auditioned Adam Mosseri, boss of Instagram, to learn more about the impact of the social network on children and adolescents. Amidst many comments about the need for new regulation, Mosseri dropped an interesting piece of information.

Algorithm soon to be deactivated

After a few minimal changes (possibility of hiding the number of likes, incentives to take breaks, etc.), Instagram should soon leave its users the possibility of choosing between a chronological display of the publications and the algorithmic display, the one currently in force. . Like Twitter, Instagram would therefore give the user the option of seeing the most recent posts first without being polluted by suggestions aimed at increasing the time spent in the app. Since 2016, the algorithm has been king on Instagram.

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During his hearing, Adam Mosseri called on the authorities to create a sort of committee responsible for making proposals on rules for children, which senators disapprove of. They rather want the end of the self-regulation of social networks and the arrival of rules valid for all. A speech that we have heard regularly for several years.

Source : The Verge

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