Insider gives details about the setting, the game world and the social links

While the official announcement of “Persona 6” is still a long time coming, a well-known insider and leaker already wants to know more. As he reports, we can look forward to a return of the high school setting and revised social links in the latest offshoot of the RPG series.

Even if an official announcement of the role-playing game is still a long time coming, based on the various leaks and reports in the past, it is certain that Atlus is working on “Persona 6”.


At the start of the weekend, we were provided with new unconfirmed details by the well-known leaker and insider Head on the Block (formerly I Am Hero Too), who has repeatedly drawn attention to himself in the past with correct leaks about the “Persona” series. As the insider reports, we can unsurprisingly look forward to seeing the high school setting again in “Persona 6”.

Compared to its counterparts from its predecessors, the game world of “Persona 6” is said to be significantly more open and expansive. Here the leaker speaks of a semi-open world.

According to Head on the Block, another feature that has been noticeably expanded compared to the last “Persona” parts are the social links.

Social links should be more interactive in the future

The social links are a popular feature of the “Persona” series. This reflects the connections you form and strengthen with a variety of characters over the course of the game. If you manage to improve your relationships with other characters accordingly, additional stories and various gameplay bonuses await you.


If Head on the Block's information is accurate, then the social links in “Persona 6” will be more interactive and subject to fewer time restrictions than in previous games. A step with which the developers want to further emphasize the feature while ensuring a smoother gaming experience.

It is still unclear when Atlus will finally accept the waiting community and officially reveal “Persona 6”. The studio has not yet commented on the rumors of the last few months.

According to unconfirmed reports, “Persona 6” is being developed by a team that is largely made up of developers who did not work on the “Persona” series in the past. Therefore, various innovations and changes can be expected in the gaming area.

It was also reported that “Persona 6” will initially appear for the PS5 in 2025. According to the rumor mill, other platforms will also be supplied at a later date.

Source: Resetera

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