InFace COOL Short Test: From a Wife’s Diary …

Okay, I like testing weird stuff, but I had a problem with that anyway. But what do you get a wife for, right? It was she who served as a test object for the last weeks, and below I will try to write down her impressions.

I associate epilation with shaving your face every few days. I do not like it, but this is our fate. If someone looks good in the chin, his luck. I look like a liquor invader, so I try to shave quite regularly and I have the appropriate (I hope) equipment for it. However, I know that the fair sex has a slightly bigger and more engaging problem with it, and more specifically – more places to get rid of unnecessary hair. IPL epilators have been on the market for many years and while at the beginning they were very expensive and available in professional cosmetic establishments, now the availability of this equipment is huge. One of the cheaper solutions on the market is the InFace COOL epilator with the full name of IPL Crystal Freezing Point Hair Removal, but let me use the shortened one. To the point.

What is it anyway?

I read in many places that IPL epilators are becoming more and more popular also among men. I, on the other hand, know that they work mainly on light and rather soft hair (best), while with dark and thick hair they do a bit worse. I am more than 15 years old, so my facial hair is quite hard, and I can’t imagine where else I could use such an epilator. Nevertheless, let’s get down to business starting from the beginning.


Well, InFace COOL is an IPL epilator, i.e. using strong pulses of light directed directly to the hair roots. Theoretically, as a result of such an impulse, the hair roots absorb light and go into a dormant state. If this is successful, the hairs should fall out and their further growth will be significantly delayed. Exactly, if … Many users confuse IPL hair removal with laser hair removal. These are two completely different methods and while IPL puts the hair follicles to sleep, the laser removes them completely. In addition, the IPL epilator will not work in every case, so you can find really different opinions about this solution on the web. For some, this method is effective and results are visible after a few sessions, in other cases the results are poor. What it depends on?


The device may be ineffective, as the manufacturer himself points out, if the user has very light, gray or red hair. A very dark complexion can also be a problem. My theory, but practice has its own rules and I know that even in the case of “matching” shades, epilation can be ineffective. Well, you just have to try it.

A handful of data on InFace COOL

Let’s move on to the main character, the IPL epilator. The device comes in a tasteful, bright package with golden and pastel accents. It looks nice, does not give the impression of cheapness. Inside you will find an epilator and a box with a power supply, protective glasses and small shavers for traditional hair removal before the actual treatment. A bit modestly, fact. Known competition in higher models adds numerous overlays, filters, covers, pouches and other gadgets, which, yes, make a nice impression, but are sometimes redundant and unnecessarily increase the price.

The device itself looks aesthetically, it is solid and carefully made and does not raise any objections. In the central part there is a button that triggers an impulse and two touch fields to adjust the impulse power (5 levels) and activate the cooling function. The counter also shows the number of pulses remaining to be used – from the newest there are 500,000 of them. And that’s it, a simple and uncomplicated device to use.

Is it working?

After three weeks of use (up to several days), my wife says that… it works a little. There is no craze and revolution, but the armpit and calf hair (tested there) have become softer, flabby and lighter. The first session was tested at the lowest power level, but according to According to the manufacturer’s guidelines, level 4/5 is recommended for fair skin and dark blonde / brown hair color. Already at the 3rd power level without the cooling option activated, the impulses are felt. Not painful or troublesome, but felt. At level 5, the impulse is very warm, but it takes literally a fraction of a second and does not cause much discomfort. The cooling option is a bit better, because the housing around the window from which the impulse is emitted becomes cool. We also tested the epilator on the forearm in one place so that it was known if there was a difference and in the case of delicate, thin hairs, their number was significantly reduced.

Simply put, it works, but without a revolution. However, we tested it for 3 weeks, and the manufacturer says about the effects only after 4 weeks. Perhaps regular use really helps and the amount of hair and its visibility becomes so slight that traditional epilation may be a thing of the past. Is IPL more effective than depilation with a traditional epilator (the ones that pull the hair out …)? I do not think so. Is it more fun to use? Without a doubt. The upside is that anyone can handle it and the sensations are fine. The pulses are felt but not painful. Such epilation is definitely more pleasant than traditional epilation (I’m not talking about shaving), but it requires patience. A lot, because the process continues and the effects are not visible immediately, so it happens that we “shoot” at one spot several times. Well, it won’t do itself …


Whether InFace COOL has fulfilled its purpose? Yes, 70%, but the wife has announced that she will continue to use it and hopes that after some time she will only be able to flash where there is some hair. Now, depilation of legs, armpits, etc. takes a long time and is as tedious as 150 … Price? The device costs at the moment (at the date of publication) exactly PLN 468.24 in the promotion for the premiere. In addition, for the first 600 Polish users who buy an epilation device, it may receive a gift in the form of facial cleansing brushes (such a soft, rubber thing). Additionally, with the code CHEAP10, you can lower the price by another zloty (the code is valid until 09.02). Would the wife buy a second time? Yes, but with a subscription to some audiobooks, because you can die of boredom during hair removal …

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