Indiana votes to ban abortion

Since the Supreme Court’s historic judgment on the right to abortion on June 24, American states can lto legislate in order to modify the rules of the voluntary interruption of pregnancy (IVG). The voted text prohibits abortion, with a few exceptions.

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Indiana became, on Friday August 5, the first American state to adopt new legislation restricting voluntary termination of pregnancy (abortion), after the decision of the American Supreme Court to reverse the constitutional right to abortion, June 24. Nine states had already made it illegal as soon as the judgment was announced.

The state located in the center-east of the United States has thus adopted many restrictions which prohibit abortion, except for a few special cases. The text prohibits terminating a pregnancy, except in the event of danger to the life of the mother or if the fetus presents a fatal anomaly.

Exceptions are also provided for in cases of rape and incest, but only up to ten weeks of pregnancy, whereas Indiana until now authorized abortion up to the 22nd week.

The measure was voted on Friday by both chambers of the state: 62 votes against 38 for the House of Representatives and 28 votes against 19 for the Senate. Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb confirmed this in a tweet.

Indiana is thus the first state to approve the ban on abortion since June 24 and the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States to reverse the right to abortion, which now allows American states to legislate on their territory in order to modify the rules of abortion.

Tuesday, theKansas voters voted in favor of maintaining the constitutional guarantee on abortion in the first major vote on the subject since the United States Supreme Court struck down the federal right to abortion.


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