Increasing Storage Capacity in Fallout 76: Enhance Storage Box and Expand Storage Options

Inventory problems have always been commonplace in the Fallout series. There's just too much stuff in the game world for you to take with you. In Fallout 76 you will also wish you could increase your carrying capacity. Here we will explain to you how you can expand your inventory or enlarge your warehouse.

While you can increase your inventory in Fallout 76 with certain skill cards, you are limited to 400 pounds in your storage from the start. Below we will show you what tips and tricks there are to increase your load capacity and what other things you should keep in mind when managing your inventory.


Increase carrying capacity

At the start of the game you have 155 pounds of inventory capacity, which will be filled with items in no time. Add heavy weapons, armor and power armor to the mix and you'll have problems.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to permanently increase your inventory. This includes:

Invests points in strength: Each additional point to this attribute increases your inventory capacity by five pounds.Use power armor or armor pieces with the addition “bag”: If you put on power armor, you immediately get a boost to strength and therefore more inventory capacity. But even without it, you should keep an eye out for pieces of armor that have the addition of “bag” in their name. You can increase your load capacity by five additional pounds per piece of armor. Of course, you can also create the bags using mods and mount them on your armor.Temporary tools to expand inventory: Various foods or drugs such as Buffout can also increase your load for a limited time. Using such items is a good idea if you really want to take something with you, but don't actually have any space left. Look out for tools in your inventory that temporarily increase your strength and use them. But be careful not to overdo it, otherwise you will become addicted.Use skill cards: As you level up, you unlock new skill cards, many of which help you reduce the weight of certain types of items when you equip them. The “Messie” card (from level 7), for example, reduces the weight of all scrap in your inventory and is very practical. Depending on the type of items you carry a lot of with you, you should equip appropriate skill cards that reduce the weight of these items. Since you can exchange skill cards as often as you like, you should always adapt them to the relevant situation.

Tips for using storage capacity

Your storage box has a capacity of 400 pounds right from the start. This also remains the storage box cannot be expanded! So you have to use your storage wisely and not fill it with unnecessary items that are of no use to you. Please note the following things:


Always recycle scrap before storing it: Scrap takes up significantly more storage space in its non-dismantled form. So before you store scrap, you should use it at any workbench and only then put it into storage. Please note, however, that some scrap is needed in an unrecycled form for other building projects.Use the storage chests at a Red Rocket or train station: At the named locations you will always find a blue Vault chest that you can use to access your camp. This is very practical because you don't always have to move your CAMP. So remember the locations of these vault chests if you need to store stuff because your inventory is too full.Regularly recycle unneeded weapons and armor: These pieces of equipment take up a lot of space and you should use several weapons of the same type regularly to free up space. The same applies to armor. In general, you shouldn't take every weapon and armor you find, otherwise you'll spend a lot of time managing inventory.Set limits on items: Set limits on the number of items. You can find things like steel and wood almost everywhere and it makes no sense to collect them indefinitely and thus take up space for rarer items. So use common resources to expand your base or sell unused scrap to merchants (they don't accept basic components).

Inventory management takes up more and more playing time as the game progresses and you should therefore follow the tips described above early on in order to keep a constant overview of your inventory and storage in Fallout 76.