Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road, good news for PS5 players, live service and drama in a 3rd trailer

THE Tokyo Game Show 2023 will open its doors at the end of the week and Level-5 will have several new games for players to discover with controller in hand or to show off. In addition to Fantasy Life i: The Girl Who Steals Time And Decapolicewe will find there the long awaited Inazuma Eleven: Victory Roada project which has undergone several iterations since its announcement in 2016 and which finally seems to be on the right track since its reintroduction under this title in the summer of 2022. There were many great promises when it showed itself earlier this year At Level-5 Vision 2023including more than 4,500 playable characters and signed cutscenes MAPPA. This weekend he was entitled to a third trailer“PV3” for close friends, even if we are still looking for the videos supposed to be the two previous ones… Anyway, there will be drama in the air with the scenario that will be proposed to us.

If you are a fan of Japanese animation, you will immediately recognize the voice of Junko Takeuchi, seiyuu behind Naruto Uzumaki and in the case that concerns us now Endo Mamoru (Mark Evans in the West), which states the name of the license against a background of its 15th anniversary logo! The plot of Victory Road takes place 25 years after the original storywill remind us to follow Unmei Sasanamiwho basically wants to see football disappear from the face of the world, he who has just arrived at the Nagumohara Junior Higha school which does not have a football team, but where baseball is king with the leader of the club Suruga Yagyu.

However, a team will eventually see the light of day aroundUnmei Sasanami as a coachwith the troublemaker Joji Sakurazaki (attacker) who we learn loved this sport when he was young, Heita Kisoji (defender), the vice-president of the student council Garyū Shisendō (guardian), the young Raika Shinohara (attacking) and the mirror cabinet Kameo Kodōkai (defender). Our protagonists will have a lot to do to become the best, with the major obstacle the team of the Raimon Junior High and his number 10 Endō Haruthe son of Mamoruwho finds football boring as he tells the team captain Ren Tsukikageprobably because he is a football genius.

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And if you like the song playing in the background trailershe is called Egao ga Goal! (A Smile is Our Goal!), performed by the Japanese group T-Pistonz (its first in 9 years following its dissolution), which performed the openings series Inazuma Eleven And Inazuma Eleven GObut had not made his return for those ofAres And Orion.

The story will not only take place in the school, but also elsewhere in the city of Nagasaki, while The mode Chronicle and the Player’s Universe will take us through the history of the license, undoubtedly a central element when purchasing the game, especially here where not all the episodes have been released. The mysterious blond boy (visual above) we see in theInazuma V Caravan could also be the protagonist of this mode. It is said that he has a link with another famous character… If you want to see a more side gameplaya recently uploaded video presents the new game system. Between the different modes to enjoy it on the many platforms where it will be released, including mobiles with touch controls, the always crazy techniques that have made the identity of the license and the whole aspect of RPG starting with the composition of the team, Level-5 obviously worked well on his copy.

It will now be necessary toanalyze the situation in midfield to pass the opponents, rather than simply making an action choice. Likewise, in the repair zone, time will slow down for an instant and you will have to decide on the best option to score, whether it is a shot or a pass to a better placed teammate. A “hustle” system for ball possession has also been implemented, with the option to keep the ball or pass by pressing the key at the right time. Finally, a gauge of Tension collective will replace those that each player had individually, so you will have to use everyone’s special skills sparingly.

On the blog of Level-5, a new competitive game mode called Victory Road was presented, which will offer tournaments Football Frontier on the Web regularly with the plan of qualifications where everyone can participate and earn points in the hope of moving on to the next phases. Yes, that sounds like a live service. Each of these tournaments will be linked to a three-month season and will force us to compose a team made up of six seasonal players and five “eternals”. The first can only be obtained in the current season and must be trained each time, then will “graduate” after three seasons. They can then be used only in the roster of “eternal” players. These characters will not necessarily be generic, some being rare like Kidō Yūto (Jude Sharp) Or Fubuki Shirou (Shawn Frost). However, you will have to be lucky to obtain them, suggesting a system of gacha. Let’s hope this doesn’t end up like WAS with tons of microtransactions…

On the other hand, even if most of the characters in the license will be playable, some features related to them will not be included at launch, such as Miximax games GO Chrono Stones (fusion of a player’s aura with a character from another era for example) where the Warrior Spirit Armor of GO Galaxy. THE Warrior Spirits should be available.

Finally, know thatInazuma Eleven: Victory Road will also be released on PS5 in addition to PS4, Switch, iOS and Android versions. Since the launch in 2023 is no longer indicated at the end of the trailer, you will probably have to wait a while longer before playing it. The next information during the TGS should clarify this point. If you like the license, the mangas Inazuma Eleven are sold €7.20 per unit Fnac.

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