“In Stars and Time” RPG Launched Today with New Trailer – doope!

The release date of Adrienne Basil’s (insertdisc5) new time loop RPG “In Stars and Time” was recently announced for PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, but last night it was announced that the product would be sold domestically and internationally as planned. started (Steam/PS Store/nintendo e shop), publisher Armor Games Studios has released a launch trailer that introduces the repeatedly looping protagonist and cute animations and visuals.

In Stars And Time

“What would you do if you were to repeat your past mistakes over and over again?”

“In Stars and Time” is a story about a “family” bound by fate, “Sifran” and his friends who fight to end the tyranny of an evil king. However, just as victory was about to take place, tragedy struck and the hands of the clock began to wind back. And then I ended up having to do it all again.

Only you are aware of the loop. Even his fake smile has worn off due to repeated awakenings, but he still continues to walk with hope in his heart. To put a permanent end to this tragedy.

“In Stars and Time” is a time loop RPG adventure. The insights gained with each iteration of the loop provide new solutions to the challenges that stand in the way, allowing us to make better choices. Wear the armor of memory, pray to the Utsuroi God, improve the abilities of your friends, and challenge terrifying enemies to a game of rock, paper, scissors. In search of the truth that lies ahead.


  • Shifran (non-binary): The main character of this never-ending story, who loves puns. He is depressed by stress and can have obsessive thoughts. (Don’t worry, he’s still alive.)
  • Mirabel (female): A caring and slightly nervous acolyte who was mysteriously blessed by the Utsuroi god she worships.
  • Isabeau (male): A defense force soldier with a kind and caring spirit. He truly values ​​his colleagues and friends.
  • Odile (female): A calm and cynical researcher. She is doing some research. She (she never tells me what her research is)
  • Bonnie (non-binary): Hey! Who brought the child? ? ?

Game features

  • Save the world with the power of rock-paper-scissors, a strategic turn-based RPG.
  • Let’s shake off the limitations of time and space and repeat the eternal two days to correct the mistakes of the past.
  • Equip your friends’ memories to strengthen your party.
  • Break out of the twisted, endless (?) loop and look beyond the fate of this closed world.
  • Let’s eat samosas with friends!
  • Let’s be teased by a capricious superior being wearing the brightness of the starry sky.
  • Let’s pray to God for good luck on our journey. I’m sure you’ll need it.
Information source and image:Steam