In Russia, they began to sell the MacBook Pro and Mac mini in 2023. Delivery will take a month, but this is not the main risk

CDEK has announced the start of sales of the recently presented MacBook Pro and Mac mini models on the CDEK.Shopping service. It acts as an intermediary, the goods are sent to Russia by its foreign partners.

A MacBook Pro with an M2 Pro processor costs from 179 thousand rubles, and with an M2 Max processor from 281 thousand. Mac mini with the same chips is sold at prices ranging from 55 thousand and 114 thousand rubles, respectively. You can pay by credit card (including Mir cards are accepted), the declared delivery time is up to 30 days.

It should be borne in mind that SDEK previously had problems with the delivery of goods from abroad, buyers for a long time did not receive the purchased gadgets and receive a refund. The agreement with CDEK.Shopping states that the service is not responsible for the quality and packaging of the goods, compliance with the declared characteristics, the absence of obvious or hidden defects and the non-compliance of the goods with the buyer’s expectations.

The new MacBook Pro and Mac mini models will also be sold in M.Video and Eldorado stores, but there are no details about prices and the date of the start of sales yet. Apple has not shipped its devices to Russia since last spring.