In Britain explained the increase in the number of homeless Ukrainian refugees

More and more Ukrainians are becoming homeless in the UK. TV presenter and journalist Pete Price told the sad truth about immigrants from Eastern Europe in his article for the Liverpool Echo.

In his opinion, this problem can get even worse. As Price said, conflicts between some refugees and the British flare up even more because of the rising cost of living and cultural differences. In some cases, everything is spoiled by the guests’ failure to comply with the mandatory house rules.

The journalist recalled that the program being implemented in the UK is designed for refugees to stay with local families for six months c. But he clarified that one in four Britons is not going to renew their participation in the project after this time. “Six months is a long time for strangers in your home,” Price said.

Earlier, an article appeared in the British media that the British people’s sense of joy began to be replaced by a feeling of embarrassment because of the desire to return to their former lives. Nine months after the launch of the Homes for Ukraine program by the UK authorities, the complexities associated with it have become more and more acute.

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