Improved Apple Maps with Lookaround feature coming to Brazil

Apple has been gradually expanding its enhanced Apple Maps capabilities to more countries since 2018, when the company began collecting its own map data from scratch. Earlier this year, the new Apple Maps experience launched in more European countries, including Austria, Croatia and Poland. Apple has now confirmed that this experience will soon be available in Brazil.

Apple Maps will be much better in Brazil

On its website (via Nova Post), Apple detailed how it will use cars equipped with LiDAR scanners to map the streets of Brazil. “Integrated mapping can use equipment installed on the outside of vehicles, such as an iPhone, iPad or other devices,” the company says. The process is the same as how the company maps streets in other countries.


Apple says it will use a “backpack system to collect data that can be used directly in Apple Maps” in some locations without vehicle access. All this data allows you to use features such as 3D buildings, look around (Apple Street View), turn-by-turn directions, and more precise turn-by-turn directions for vehicles.

Since Brazil is almost the same size as the United States, it will take time for Apple to map it all. Elsewhere on its website, Apple published a graph of how Brazil was being mapped using its technology. Mapping began today in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, and will soon expand to other regions. The company plans to map all regions of Brazil by May 2025.

Apple Maps Take a Look AroundLook Around feature in Apple Maps

Because Apple cares about privacy, there is a section that details that people’s faces on the street and license plates visible in the Look Around you feature will be censored. Apple says users can contact the company to request that a person, license plate or their own home be removed from Apple Maps.


More about Maps

In iOS 17, Apple introduced some new features for Apple Maps. For example, users can now download maps for offline navigation when there is no Wi-Fi or cellular service. The update also adds real-time information about the availability of electric vehicle charging points.