“Imagine Earth” a space related game released on Steam

Imagine Earth a space related game released on Steam

A space game called Imagine Earth came out of Steam Early Access, which appeared there back in 2014. Thus, gamers have been waiting for the full version of this game for seven years.

Imagine Earth is a real-time strategic planet development simulator. As you progress, players must colonize planets and establish their settlements there.

“Thanks to the 43 thousand people who supported the game and made this release possible,” the developers noted.

The game has:

  • Trading systems
  • Diplomacy
  • Ecosystem simulations
  • Story missions
  • The ability to research new technologies
  • Stock market
  • Sandbox editor that allows you to make your own adjustments to the properties of the planets.

Over 50 buildings and 80 individual upgrades are available to gamers.

Players will not only have to develop their colonies, but also reflect the attacks of space raiders and foreign investors.

Imagine Earth

As of this writing, It has a very positive review on Steam (80% rating), most of which are from the early version.

You can buy the game on Steam and GOG with a 40% discount (valid until June 1).

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