“I’m going to cry” A DLC for GTA 5 and Bully 2, these leaks seem to reveal projects nipped in the bud and it hurts

Game news “I’m going to cry” A DLC for GTA 5 and Bully 2, these leaks seem to reveal projects nipped in the bud and it hurts


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A DLC for GTA 5? A sequel to Bully? We can honestly doubt that they will ever come out, but these projects were obviously well in the pipeline at Rockstar…


A leak from a GTA V database reveals two aborted projects at Rockstar: one DLC for GTA Vand a sequel to famous Bully game, aka Canis Canem Edit.

GTA V Database Reveals Rockstar’s Abandoned Projects

This information leak comes from a Grand Theft Auto V database which was reportedly recently disclosed. Twitter users such as @billsyliamgta, @GlowDevs, and @WildBrick142 were the first to reveal the details hidden in this database. The GTA V .pdb (“program database”) file, a thumbnail of the game source code, was broadcast on the Internet. Experienced programmers and dataminers were responsible for accessing confidential lines of code and other types of data. These discoveries give us a overview of canceled Rockstar Games projects. And some are clearly disappointed…


Originally, it was planned for there to be 8 different roles, it seems. Those are Cop, Crook, Officer, Tactical, Tech, Soldier, Enforcer and finally hacker. But there is no word on what specifics each of these roles do. pic.twitter.com/dx9POgwmI7

— Glow (@GlowDevs) November 19, 2023

A DLC on Trevor and a game mode for GTA Online

GTA V database leak shed light on initial plans for a Single and multiplayer DLC which never saw the light of day. This content was initially intended to offer an extension of the main story, featuring the character of Trevor. The data discovered suggests in particular that it would have been rode with a jetpack, in this extension. According to some dataminers, this shows that the project was canceled but that certain elements were included in GTA Online. In particular, the jetpack was finally introduced to GTA Online in 2018 with the Doomsday Heist update. On the other hand, the leak reveals details about a multiplayer mode called “Cops ‘n’ Crooks” for GTA Online, with roles such as “Enforcer”, “Soldier”, “Hacker” … As its name suggests, it was to divide the players on a server between police officers and criminals. Although this mode has never been officially confirmed by Rockstar, Jason Schreier already mentioned it last year at Bloomberg, suggesting that it would have been abandoned after the murder of George Floyd, killed by a police officer in 2020.


Bully 2 abandoned after a year and a half of development

The leak also revealed information about Bully 2, the long-awaited sequel from the 2006 game. The lines of code mention “unique_key_bully2”, thus confirming the existence of the project. According to the leak, Bully 2 has been in active development at Rockstar New England for eighteen months, but the project was obviously abandoned towards the end of 2017, without any official announcement ever being made. The precise reasons for the cancellation remain unclear, but Rockstar’s other major projects, such as Red Dead Redemption II and GTA VI, plus internal company changesprobably contributed to this decision.

GTA VI should be presented next month with a first trailer.

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