Illegally imports a supercar into his country: the president orders it to be demolished | The [VIDEO] it’s dramatic

Terrifying and very strong images for any self-respecting motoring enthusiast. A group of cars are destroyed by a bulldozer: among them, there is a very rare collectible McLaren!

A victim-like McLaren … (YouTube)

The law does not admit ignorance, goes a very famous saying. Sadly, he doesn’t even admit that legendary supercars are spared a terrible fate.

What jumps to your mind?

Governed by President Rodrigo Duarte, a man certainly not known for his leniency towards crimes that in other countries are considered minor offenses, the Philippines they are not the right country in which to overstretch. Between drug dealers put to death or tortured and prisons considered to be among the worst in the world, the severity of the Philippine authorities seems to know no boundaries and not even luxury cars escape certain “physical” punishments.

Not even for a very rare one McLaren 620Ra car produced in a limited edition – just 350 units – and worth a minimum of 300,000 Euros Duarte and its agents have had pity or second thoughts: in the Philippines, there are very serious consequences for the illegal importation of cars into the country.

To show how serious the government is, Duarte personally ordered something terrible in 2017: any car discovered by the police to be illegally found on Philippine soil. it must be seized and demolished mercilessly, especially supercars. That’s not all: some sensational demolitions also make videos like this one.

Tears of steel

Duarte directive 447 is applied without hesitation in the country, known for its authoritarian rule. To demonstrate how hard the punishment is for an importer of non-compliant cars, the Philippine authorities have released this recent video in which a series of non-compliant supercars are “put to death” with a bulldozer that crushes them until they are unusable.

Among the cars involved in this demolition we find a Bentley Continental GT, a Lotus Exige and the very rare 620R we told you about: the rarity of the specimen was worth nothing. The authorities they preferred to destroy it than to seize it, perhaps to transform it into a patrol car as happens in certain European countries, all to send a message.

Distruction Road and Track 30_07_2022 Quattromania
And the heart of the fans stops … (Road and Track)

Duarte’s politics may be judged good or bad by Western observers. But one thing is certain: the destroyed supercars are of inestimable value and it is estimated that a hundred cars have already been demolished since the provision came into force for a total value of more than 6 million euros in the year 2018 alone. on wheels, in a nutshell.

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