IFTTT Adds AI-Based Automation for Pro+ Subscribers

Popular automation platform IFTTT is taking the next step to help users be more productive. With the latest update, IFTTT Pro+ subscribers now have access to AI-based automation for content creation.

IFTTT now includes AI automation

As announced by the company in a blog post, IFTTT is launching three new fully AI-powered automation tools following the success of tools like ChatGPT. These are AI Social Creator, AI Content Creator and AI Summarizer. IFTTT automation tools can be combined with third party apps and platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

With AI Social Creator, users can automate social media content for their blog posts. AI Content Creator goes beyond that and helps you create posts for your blog by creating entire drafts based on your ideas.

There is also an AI Summarizer which, as the name suggests, can summarize extensive content making it easy to understand. You can use it to summarize RSS feed posts, for example. Of course, all content is generated by artificial intelligence.

Today we are launching 3 AI services, each designed to save you time and increase your productivity. All services use our query feature to query AI and can be combined with triggers and actions from nearly 800 services now available on IFTTT.

But keep in mind that, at least for now, the new AI-based automations are only available to subscribers of IFTTT Pro+, which costs $5 per month. However, users can try out new features for free with a limited-time trial subscription. You can learn more about these features on the IFTTT website.