If you have an accident, the phone calls for help on its own: the news from Google for the Pixel arrives in Italy

Since the beginning of the month, with the December update of the Pixel devices, Google has activated Also in Italy one works very useful: in fact, starting from the Pixel 3 all the phones signed by the Mountain View house they will be able to call for help automatically if they detect an accident.

Pixel 3, 4 and later can use information such as your phone’s location, motion sensors, and nearby sounds to detect a possible serious traffic accident. Incident detection requires that location, physical activity, and microphone permissions be granted”Writes Google. “If your phone detects that a serious traffic accident has occurred and calls emergency services, your approximate location and accident data may be relayed to the emergency services by Android’s Emergency Location Service.

To activate the function just follow the following steps:

  • When asked to share your location, tap Always allow.
  • When asked to share the microphone and physical activity, tap Allow.

Google warns the user that the phone may not be able to detect all incidents and that even high-impact physical activities could trigger calls to emergency services, but a false alarm of a missed call is always better. When the system detects an accident, if it is not stopped by the user, it starts the phone call to the emergency number of the area in which it is located as long as there is a line to make the call. A pre-pre-recorded message and the coordinates will be sent to the rescue.

We are faced with a function that in certain situations could even save lives, a function that Google has intended for its phones instead of putting it on all Android smartphones.

This choice has already been made several times: with the Feature Drops Google is pampering its phones by adding exclusive functions, a sign of the desire to keep Android upright at a platform and security level but to bring what are the functionalities ” consumer “only and exclusively on homemade products.

Pixels that, after the latest update, should work much better: Google has made a great Christmas gift to all owners, especially those who have bought the new Pixel 6, offering them a patch that corrects over 100 problems encountered after the launch of the new flagships.

The list of fixed bugs is a real war bulletin, which touches on every aspect, from the interface to reception, from cameras to consumption.

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