I watched the movie “John Wick 4” in a Russian cinema. He already breaks all the ratings

The official release of the long-awaited film “John Wick 4” took place in the Russian box office. This is the first major release in recent times, which is officially allowed to be shown in Russia.

The director of the picture was once again made by Chad Stahelski, one of the authors of the last parts of the franchise. Yesterday in interview Stahelski and editor Nat Orloff stated that the original running time of the new movie was 3 hours and 45 minutes, but to maintain the overall momentum they had to cut about 55 minutes. To achieve the perfect balance, they had to revise the tape many times, and these efforts were not in vain.

On popular platforms, the picture has high ratings:

Rotten Tomatoes


We have already seen the novelty and tell you why it deservedly received such rave reviews.

The best part in the franchise

The plot in the film is as linear as possible, the outcome can be almost predicted. But that doesn’t make it any less interesting.

What is the movie about: John Wick finds a way to defeat the Clan Board. However, before he can earn his freedom, he must face off against a new enemy and his powerful allies.

Without the help of friends, of whom Wick has very few, he cannot do. But on his own he is able to overcome the obstacles that stand in his way.

Like the previous parts of the series, the novelty continues the story of the survival of everyone’s favorite ex-communicado John Wick. He is still trying to find freedom and get rid of the constant hunt for his head. But the reward grows with each new hour.

What pleases, the viewer is now even more immersed in the battle scenes. The choreography in this movie goes to a new level, which, probably, no one will be able to achieve for a long time. Only the legendary Raid can compete with the latest Wick, in which a little more emphasis is placed on the realism of both the battles themselves and the damage from them.

John Wick is a terminator who periodically rakes from his enemies. But it is still very hard to stop him on the way to the goal. Because of what some moments look affected. What is worth only one episode in a nightclub, where dancing people do not react to fights and shootings (perhaps they are under something, so they don’t notice – it’s unknown, but stupid).

Other than that, Stahelski is almost unstoppable. Each new enemy forces John to dodge and fight with his last breath. It was on the combat choreography that they made a big bet, and the director seemed to be blown away. Former screenwriter Derek Kolstad has long predicted that the franchise should be closed, otherwise it will turn into a farce. And the authors of the novelty obviously listened to him.

At the same time, the filmmakers decided not to expand the local universe anymore, but focused on the existing “lore”, only adding one small condition to it for the release of Wick, calling it an old tradition.

Now Stahelski’s madness knows no bounds. All the new elements of the battles look spectacular, there are a lot of battle scenes in the picture, some of which last for a long time, but they do not lose their pace and do not let you get bored. After all, at some point the rules of the game change dramatically and everything turns upside down.

As for the plot, here it is slim. And, importantly, he closes all story arcs, leaving only minor issues that hardly anyone will think about.

What we have before us is not a serial project, but a whole huge film, divided into several parts – they look so connected. And this is also the dignity of the novelty. She was able to stay within the existing framework and even supplement them a little.

Throughout the entire 3-hour timekeeping, there is not a single moment where one could get bored. This is primarily an action movie, and therefore the drive is kept at a constantly high level in it, sometimes even raising the degree to break through to new emotions.

Shot just great

I have already said about the battle scenes above, and now I will focus on the visual component. And she’s great too.

Operators are constantly looking for unusual shots in staged battles. There were at least two scenes that got me completely excited: drifting with shooting and a drone flying around what was happening, as well as a firefight inside the building with a view from above, like in computer games.

Staging and cinematography made easy delight. Many solutions look fresh and spectacular, they literally cover small jambs and cause a genuine smile. The same applies to many jokes (although there are not so many of them here) – they clearly hit the target, and dark humor closer to the finale support the overall tone of the story.

Well, soundtracks. Of course, where without them. They competently emphasize what is happening and additionally play on emotions. There are a lot of classics here, some slightly remade to fit the picture. All in all, it sounds great.

The best sequel and one of the best action movies of our time

If you are still thinking about whether it is worth going to the new John Wick, discard these thoughts.

This is a chic attraction that maintains a high degree for all 3 hours. It causes only positive emotions and does not let you get bored for a minute. Almost everything is great here.

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