I watched the entire first season of The Last of Us. It is the most hype of the year, but what about the finale?

A couple of days ago, the final episode of the first season of The Last of Us was released on HBO Max.

This is a TV adaptation of the popular PlayStation exclusive, which was co-created by Neil Druckmann, the author of the original game. If for some reason you haven’t watched the novelty yet, then you should do it now.

Since the beginning of the rental, the series has gained momentum and attracted a new audience. The first episode was watched by 4.7 million users, and the last by 8.2 million. At the same time, in Europe and Latin America, the project became the most watched in the history of HBO Max.

We have already rated the series and are in a hurry to share our impressions.

Return to the beloved universe

From the first minutes to the very end, it is felt that Druckmann had a hand in the film adaptation, and this is very good. He was able to set the right direction for the series.

What is the series about: 2003 The world is covered by a pandemic associated with the spread of cordyceps cerebral infection. This is a fungus that devours the entire body of the host and seizes control over it. People cease to be themselves and gradually turn into monsters.

Hardened in the fight for survival, Joel and Ellie – a brave, bright teenage girl beyond her years – are forced to team up and help each other in their journey through the ruins of the United States.

Throughout the season, you can see how the authors diligently treated the project. They carefully transferred even the smallest details that you might not even pay attention to in the game, but you will definitely notice here.

I’m not only talking about dialogue and copied scenes, but also about locations in general. All interiors, all streets are recreated with the most unusual details. Yes, there are controversial moments, but in general there are no questions for the series. It is imbued with Druckmann’s soul from beginning to end.

At the same time, unlike the game, here we were able to reveal some characters a little more and deeper. You become attached to them and do not want to let go. Even the controversial Bella Ramsay attracts attention and makes her empathize. And all for the reason that she perfectly got used to the role of the girl Ellie and was able to perfectly convey her entire range of emotions.

It is on the “chemistry” between Joel and Ellie that the whole series is based, due to their duet, the novelty is interesting to watch. actors excel in their roles. And what’s even more interesting is that Pascal and Ramsay were banned from playing The Last of Us, so they created both the heroes we know and a few others at the same time. This makes it even more interesting for those who have already played with TLOU.

And even despite that very third series, there are no serious questions for others at all. Everything looks harmonious and never feigned.

The atmosphere is just fantastic

What I want to say a special thank you for is the recreated game universe, which we were able to work out in as much detail as possible.

I especially liked the work of the make-up artists, who were able to make believable monsters. They are similar to those in the game, albeit with some minor differences. But the viewer literally sees exactly how cordyceps were infected and parasitized on people.

The only pity is that the infected themselves are here fewbut we were warned about this in advance. However, each skirmish with them plays on the nerves of the audience and sometimes even terrifies. Plus, such collisions are staged well, they look dynamic and look at one go.

Rumor has it that each episode cost the creators $ 10 million. And this is evident in everything from the environment to the actors playing their roles. The graphics are just fire, the scenery is impressive, the make-up is excellent, the costumes are chic. You can praise everything here. Almost.

Look? 100% yes

This is the best film adaptation of the game in the history of cinema. The authors were able to maintain a high bar of quality throughout the season, which only adds to the fad to the project.

Yes, there are small flaws here, but they are so minor that it does not care at all. Even as an independent project, The Last of Us looks impressive. The series will appeal to both fans and ordinary people.

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