Hundreds of servers in the Tor network are controlled by hackers

Many internet users around the world rely on Tor (The onion router), a system that makes it possible to be anonymous online.

Now, however, a security researcher who calls himself “nusenu“That hundreds of the servers in the Tor network are run by a hacker named KAX17, this as he (or she) has been active since 2017.

Since KAX17 has at least 900 servers at its disposal, the risk of a Tor user ending up on one of these is approximately 16 percent in the first redirection and 35 percent in the second redirection.

So far, there is no concrete evidence that KAX17 has attacked Tor users, but the risk of this happening sooner or later is considered high.

According to information, several attempts have been made to kick out KAX17 from the network, but these have so far not been successful.


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