Humorous Anecdote Tied to the Demise of a House of the Dragon Character

A character dies in episode 1 of House of the Dragon, and this has repercussions later. Some of its consequences will lead to others, including more “trivial” ones.

Dragons, white walkers, three-eyed crows and even giants: there are many natural creatures in the universe of Game Of Thrones. But we also find very classic animals, like cats. However, episode 2 of House of the Dragonavailable for streaming since June 24, contains a little anecdote about them. Warning, SPOILERS.


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The “surprising” arrival of cats in the capital

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If you are up to date with Season 2 Episode 2 of House of the Dragon, you are aware that the young prince Jaehaerys was beheaded in his bed, in the heart of the Red Keep, the fortress in which the ruling family resides – in this case, the Targaryens. Drunk with anger, Aegon II, Jaehaerys' father, wants to find the culprits.

One of them, nicknamed Sang, was quickly apprehended. He was arrested at one of the gates of the capital, King's Landing, with Jaehaerys' head in a bag. Imprisoned in a dungeon, he is beaten by Aegon II with a mace – in the work Fire and Blood, which gave rise to the series, he even suffered torture for thirteen days. Maybe we'll see her.

His partner, on the other hand, cannot be found despite intense searches. He is a rat hunter who is identified under the nickname Cheese. It was used by Sang as a guide to navigate the mazes of the Red Keep, and enter the private chambers of the Targaryens. He knows the place well because of his profession.


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Aegon IIAegon II
Aegon II, who had all the rat catchers in the city killed. // Source: HBO

Aegon II therefore makes a decision which will trigger the ire of Otto Hightower, his grandfather and Hand of the King (and, in the process, he will be relieved of his functions): he hangs all the rat catchers, without exception . As he doesn't know which one participated in the assassination, he might as well liquidate them all: perhaps the culprit will be among the group.

Otto considers the maneuver profoundly idiotic, because it runs the risk of uniting the populace against the king, giving the impression that he is not fair to his subjects. This, while the death of Jaehaerys offered a political advantage: to generate empathy towards the poor Targaryens and to make the sponsors look like monsters.

The problem was that the rat catchers weren't there to look good in King's Landing. They were very useful for setting traps to catch all the vermin, especially in the Red Keep. The series does not (yet) mention it, but Otto Hightower will nevertheless make the decision to purchase dozens of cats to fulfill this office.

A cat. // Source: PexelsA cat. // Source: Pexels
A cat (but which is not taken from the universe of Game Of Thrones). // Source: Pexels

This indication appears in Fire and Blood and has been featured on fan sites, such as A Wiki of Ice and Fire And The Night's Watch, which have become reference encyclopedias on the novels of George RR Martin. In the Red Keep, around a hundred cats have been dispersed to hunt down unwanted rodents.

For the record, Jaehaera, Jaehaerys' sister, is said to have enjoyed the company of kittens. But her life will not have been very long either: a few years later, she will strangely fall from a window of the Red Keep – perhaps a suicide – and end her race on pikes below, dying for half an hour .

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