huge breakdown on PS5 and PS4 servers, players angry

The timing is more than unfortunate for Sony. While the increase in PS Plus prices still does not pass, the PSN has been suffering from big problems since last night.

Sony recently increased the price of PlayStation Plus, allowing access to online gaming regardless of the plan. Bad luck, not even two weeks later, the PSN is suffering from big problems. Capricious for some, completely out of order for others, it has once again broken down and most of its services are experiencing numerous problems.

Big problems with PSN

The PSN began to falter on the night of September 18. Several PS5 and PS4 players have reported numerous problems and error messages on social networks and forums. The concerns quickly became widespread. Problems with the PS Plus (it stings after the price increase), messy error messages when trying to play, even solo, and even bugs for payments on the PS Store or for subscriptions. An anthology of problems that affects several regions, including France, Europe, the United States and England, to name but a few. If the lights are green on the official website allowing you to check the status of the PSN, Sony is aware of the problems and is citing an external problem.

LPlayStation Network services are working properly, but external internet issues may affect your experience. Once these external issues are resolved, you should no longer have any difficulty logging into PSN », We can read on the page in question. Some players seem to be slipping through the cracks and at the time of writing, PSN is still struggling. Unfortunately, there is no workaround for these issues at this time. If you are having problems playing single-player games, the most effective technique is to disconnect your console from the Internet. In any case, this is what the official Baldur’s Gate 3 account recommends after receiving numerous alerts about crashes and problems of all kinds.

The timing is more than bad for Sony, which recently attracted the wrath of gamers after the increase in PS Plus, climbing to almost 35% depending on the formula. Unsurprisingly, the Japanese publisher has further fueled the anger of its community, which has not hidden its discontent. “ Thanks for making us pay more for this, it’s shameful », we can for example read on social networks, at least among the most measured messages that we can share. Sony has not yet officially commented on PSN’s concerns and its silence only seems to fuel it even more.