huge blow for the cult Nintendo saga

The future of the Bayonetta license risks being disrupted by this big change announced by the PlatinumGames studio. There is still reason to worry.

PlatinumGames is one of the most renowned video game studios in Japan, mainly for its quality beat’em all. It is to him that we owe NieR: Automata, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and especially the cult Bayonetta license. The last episode of the saga released last year proved that PlatinumGames had lost none of its know-how over the years. Unfortunately, a big change that has just been announced could shake up the future of Bayonetta. A page is turning for the Japanese studio.

A major upheaval for the Bayonetta license

PlatinumGames made an announcement that no one saw coming. We learn that Hideki Kamiya, co-founder of the studio, will leave the company on October 12. Following this press release, the former Capcom developer also spoke about this unexpected departure. He explains that this decision was taken after a long reflection based on his own convictions. “ I think this outcome is the best. I will continue to create like Hideki Kamiya », he concludes.


This departure should have serious consequences not only because he is co-founder of the company, but also because he gave birth to the Bayonetta license. He directed the first and last installments and served as supervisor on Bayonetta 2. In addition, Hideki Kamiya also worked on Project GG, a superhero game which will also be the first project published by PlatinumGames itself. At the time, the creator said it was truly the first time the studio had complete control over a title, from the setting to the characters to the design and story. Obviously, having carte blanche over the development of this new license was not enough. Hideki Kamiya, who will therefore sail towards new horizons.

Should we really be worried?

Now we are waiting to know where the Japanese will bounce back. The information should come soon and players who enjoyed Bayonetta should pay close attention to this announcement. We also wonder who will take the lead in Nintendo’s strong saga… Even if the future of a license does not depend on just one person, there are departures that hurt more than others . Metal Gear Solid fans know this all too well. Remember that Hideki Kamiya was also the director of Resident Evil 2 and the first Devil May Cry when he was still working at Capcom. It would therefore not be surprising to see him join a major Japanese studio.